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Sweden FRII warns citizens not to donate to MKO fraudulent front organizations

Christmas is coming and the Swedish people, more than ever donate part of their earnings to charity. Meanwhile the fraudulent groups use the opportunity to raise their own funds, manipulating people’s emotional feelings.

Swedish authorities have made some decisions to prevent these individuals or institutes from financially abusing people. Council of funds raised by volunteer charity organization of Sweden (FRII) [Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd] has published a list of organizations that are considered as untrustworthy charities.

The government has allocated some special bank accounts to charity organizations. Such bank accounts are numbered with digits beginning with 90. The thirty organizations listed by the government, lack the accounts which are called “ninety”. Among those organizations, one can see the name of some organizations related to Iranian immigrants and front organizations working for Mujahedin Khalq organization which are as follows:

• Mujahedin Sympathizers Society- MSF .
• The promotion of Iranian culture – FIK
• Association for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran – FDMRI

"Association for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran" the logo of which is consisted of a white dove in flight, even has a website. But one can find no name of any person having the responsibility of the website. The phone numbers inserted on the website are hidden.

Erik Zachrison, from Council of funds raised by volunteer charity organization of Sweden (FRII) Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd has already told about the listed organizations:” I don’t know their nationality and they have not managed to present a registered number for their organization. I just know they are active all over Sweden and they do not own the account “ninety” and they have never asked to register a “ninety” account. They stop people in the streets by showing brochures or pictures and for example ask them if they know Amnesty International and then ask for financial help. A lot of people think they are helping that mentioned international body”.

Many of these organizations use names including terms like cancer, orphans, very similar to those of famous charity organizations in order to deceive people.

The thirty listed organizations are as follows:

• Al-Aqsa Spannmål Stiftelse
• Baltic 2000
• Cancerforskningsfonden i Norrland
• Cancerhjälpfonden
• Cancer- och Allergifonden
• Cancer- och Barnhjälpen
• Cancer- och Miljöfonden – CMF
• CURO – Riksföreningen för cancersjuka
• Developing World Clothing
• 4-Life
• FRF-Stiftelsen – Fonden för Rehab o medicinsk forskning
• Fria Kristna Missionshjälpen – FKM
• Främjande av den iranska kulturen – FIK
• Föreningen för demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter i Iran – FDMRI
• Gatubarnsföreningen
• Hjälpfonden
• Hjärtehjälpen
• Humana Sverige/UFF – U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk
• Innocent Child/Krigets Oskyldiga
• Insamlingsstiftelsen för Handikappades Rekreation
• Klädinsamling Service
• Mojahedin Sympatisör Förening – MSF
• Neurologisk Handikapp och Cancerforskning – NHC
• Orphan Home Care
• SADF – Alzheimer och Demensforskning
• Samhällsfonden/Svenska Samhällsfonden
• Stockholmsstorken/Storken
• Svenska Folkfonden
• Svenska Smärtafonden
• Sveriges Cancersjukas Riksförbund
• Telehjälpen

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