ADVT: West should stop supporting MKO terrorists

ADVT’s letter to Spain Prime Minister

Dear Mr. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero:

Prime Minister of SpainJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero , Prime ministerof Spain
Undoubtedly terrorism has turned out to be the most important threat against the human society in the beginning of the third millennium. The suppression of this phenomenon relies on the mutual cooperation between governments and international bodies and avoiding any dual approach towards it.

Your Excellency,
We, the families of terrorism victims of the Middle East, expressing our sympathy with you and the people of Spain on the occasion of the anniversary of the 11th March terrorist attack in Madrid subway in 2004 which led to the killing of 191 people and the injury of more than 1500, condemn any act of terrorism which endangers the lives of innocent people.

Mr. Prime Minister,
The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT) consisting of the families of terrorism victims of the Middle East condemning any act of terrorism anywhere in the world believes that with the expansion of terrorism in various parts of the world, not any country would be safe from the anti human attacks of terrorist groups. As we know, during the recent years many terrorist attacks have been occurred in European countries.

Your Excellency,
The support made by some international bodies and governments for the terrorist groups can be regarded as one of the problems in the course of the global fight against terrorism. In spite of the existence of anti-terrorism laws and Security Council and UN General Assembly Resolutions on suppressing this plight, we witness the support of some governmental officials of the activities of the terrorist groups. Such terrorist groups are included in the list of the terrorist organizations of many countries and the international documents have also emphasized on their terrorist nature. However, due to the current political games they still are supported by some European countries.

Mr. Prime Minister,
The expansion of such backings from terrorist groups even in the form of political games is the main reason for the dissemination of violent terrorist acts and consequently the murder of innocent people and the decreasing of the international security.

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism once more condemning any act of terrorism in the world and the 11th March terrorist attack in Madrid calls for the increase of the global efforts in fighting against terrorism and prevent any illegal support in European countries in favor of terrorist groups.

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism


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