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The Mojahedin Khalq logo and the Americans list

The description of its logo published by the Organisation remains valid and is used in internal teachings up to this day. No other statement, declaration or other announcement has ever contradicted the attached statement. The logo is being used by the organisation as the official symbol to this day.

The Mojahedin Khalq logo and the Americans list

In the Mojahedin’s own explanation of its logo we read:

… The name of the organization, the Mojahedin, is cited in the motto-verse, a name which has ideological and historical significance, refelecting on the entire history of those have striven and struggled (manintained the Jehadd) throughout the history of Islam. the paramount position of the motto-verse emphesizes the faith aspect and the struggle ideology of the Mojahedin’s school of thought and action, as the hige-pin of the organization’s revolutionary approach, stressing the fact that the true Islam is the criterion for the manner of meetingconfrontations and taking positions…
…For a revolutionary organization, the name has a particular importance, for the name fudamentally represents what the organization stands for; it encapsulates its point of veiw, its path and its ideological totality, the sum of its ideals, its values, its long-term policy and its political methodology…
… Indeed, [Imam] Hussein is the guidance lamp … This brief statement makes it clear that this portion of the emblem comes precisely out of the culture and ideology of Islam. An important point to remember is that an effective symbol is one which can communicate in the international language of revolutionary and progressive organizations. In this respect, our star is a hallmark which is instantly recognizable to elements in the forefront of progressive action, a symbol which is employed by other forces, as well. And therefore, having currency all over the world…
… The rifle: The rifle is in the truest sense, the mark of unswerving belief in and full commitment to the JEHAAD, the Islamic striving and struggle, and the revolutionary approach of armed combat, the objective manifestation of which, in historical terms, is what we term the "ASHURA OF HOSEIN" which deep in the hearts of the Shi’a Moslems is considered the "Day" par excellence (the moment of truth), the "Day of Blood and faith".
In the Koran, this meaning is elaborated in such verses as:
"Those who have accepted the faith and have slain and been slain, their misdoings will be absolved absolutely."
And again:
"O believers, "Arm yourselves."
The rifle represents for us the highest form of combat, which takes place in the world of sacred striving, to remove oppression and exploitation from society, that JEHAAD which IMAM ALI described as the gateway of gateways to heaven, so that one who wields the sword (or today the rifle) on battlefield hallows that ground and follows the straightest path.
In this sprit, we saw the validity of this approach in our own society when they underwent the horrible slaughter infected by the previous regime (the regime of Shah of Iran), which the people met with an active response, without waiting to talk or even to think about it. In the final analysis, the rifle is the most appropriate symbol of this approach, the sole way to resolve the contradiction between the people and Imperialism. And this is the very thing which makes the reactionaries uneasy and stirs them to mount their opposition…

And the State Dept. report said year after year that:

"… The MEK advocates the violent overthrow of the Iranian regime and was responsible for the assassination of several U.S. military personnel and civilians in the 1970’s. MEK leadership and members across the world maintain the capacity and will to commit terrorist acts in Europe, the Middle East, the United State, Canada, and beyond…"
"… In addition to its terrorist credentials, the MEK has also displayed cult-like characteristics. Upon entry into the group, new members are indoctrinated in MEK ideology and revisionist Iranian history. Members are also required to undertake a vow of "eternal divorce" and participate in weekly "ideological cleansings." Additionally, children are reportedly separated from parents at a young age. MEK leader Maryam Rajavi has established a "cult of personality." She claims to emulate the Prophet Muhammad and is viewed by members as the "Iranian President in exile…"."
"…In 2003, French authorities arrested 160 MEK members at operational bases they believed the MEK was using to coordinate financing and planning for terrorist attacks. Upon the arrest of MEK leader Maryam Rajavi, MEK members took to Paris’ streets and engaged in self-immolation. French authorities eventually released Rajavi. Although currently in hiding, Rajavi has made appearances via video-satellite to "motivate" MEK-sponsored conferences across the globe.
According to evidence which became available after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the MEK received millions of dollars in Oil-for-Food program subsidies from Saddam Hussein from 1999 through 2003, which supported planning and executing future terrorist attacks…"

In addition, the report of course continues describing "Mojahedin Khalq Organization" by pointing out:

– The assassination of US military and civilian personnel in Iran during 1970s,
– Stressing the ability and the will of MKO members and leadership to conduct terrorist operations across the world,
– Introducing the MKO as one of the most violent political groups, established during 60s,
– Emphasizing the fact that MKO was disliked by Iranians, following the Islamic Revolution,
– Underlining the fact that for more than 3 decades, MKO used its bases in Iraq and Europe to conduct terror attacks against Iran,
– Expansion of financial base, military skills and leaders’ activities in Europe.
– Showing cult-like characteristics, in addition to terrorist ones,
– Ideological pressure on members and offering them distorted history of Iran,
– Stressing the existence of compulsory divorces, cleansing sessions and separation of kids from their parents,
– Establishing cult-of-personality around Rajavi.

The report continues talking about the "Activities" of Mojahedin Khalq:

– Confessing that despite US efforts, MKO members and leaders have never been taken to court for their role in illegal activities,
– MKO has been supported by reprehensible regimes, like that of Saddam Hussein.
– Stressing that MKO conducted terrorist operations from its bases in France for 5 years,
– Citing reports that showed Maryam Rajavi encouraged members to "crush Kurds under the tanks",
– That 7 Iranians had been arrested by FBI for transferring 400000 dollars to the MKO for buying weapons,
– Voluntarily surrender to coalition, after the ouster of Saddam, and submitting heavy weaponries,
– Arrest of 160 MKO members, including Maryam Rajavi, in France for using its bases in France for planning and financing terrorist operations,
– Self-immolations by MKO members, following the detention of Maryam Rajavi,
– Maryam Rajavi’s going to hiding, and using video-satellite to motivate members,
– Discovering documents that prove MKO received the money of oil-for-food program and used the money for terrorist attacks,
– Citing documents that prove MKO-Saddam ties: lists, a film showing Saddam when he gives a suitcase of money to MKO’s known leaders, and a footage of MKO members being trained by Iraqi army.

Below you can consider the stand of US towards terrorist Organizations including MKO (Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization) and its front Organizations during the past fifteen years:

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