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Pars Brief – Issue No.58

1.    Camp Ashraf residents announce readiness to leave Iraq

2.    Camp Ashraf clash leaves 3 dead-Two Mojahedin Khalq members set themselves alight prior to the clash

3.    UNHCR: Camp Ashraf residents have to renounce violence before applying for refugee status

4.    Iraqis continue to protest Mojahedin Khalq camp

5.    MKO; New Chalabi for the West

6.    An Unholy Alliance

7.    What’s Behind the Campaign to Delist the Mujahedin al-Khalq Organization?

8.    Double standard on terror

9.    Israel using Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult) to push pre-emptive war against Iran agenda

10. Ex-Officials Say They Were Paid To Attend Pro- Mojahedin Khalq Events

11. Don’t Support the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult)

12. Iraq parliament recognizes chemical attack on Halabja as genocide

13. UK Government confirms – MKO leaders deny families’ access to their captive relatives inside Camp Ashraf

Download Pars Brief – Issue No.58
Download Pars Brief – Issue No.58

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