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Pars Brief – Issue No.1

1.       Searching MKO Houses in Italy

2.       US doesn’t Care MKO’s Chicaneries

3.       WHAT IS THE MEK?

4.       From New York to Madrid

5.       Evidences of Betrayal

6.       Who’s Alireza Jafarzadeh?

7.       Those who go with "Prince of Darkness"

8.       Teammates against terror?

9.       MKO’s Latest Weapon to Scare Americans

10.    MKO sympathizers’ family members seek international organizations’ assistance

11.    Nejat Association Meeting in Baghdad

12.    Mojahedin members’ Families Appeal to Red Cross

13.    Iraq, Ready to Return Mujahideen to Iran

Download Pars Brief – Issue No.1
Download Pars Brief – Issue No.1

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