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Pars Brief – Issue No.2

Inside this issue:

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1.       Families of MKO members again denied access

2.       MKO Will Be Expelled From Iraq by June

3.       MKO Banned from Human Rights Commission

4.       Iraq moves to remove Mojahedin

5.       Family members denied visits

6.       Sweden targeted as site for Massoud Rajavi’s cult HQ

7.       Conservatives want to use the MKO

8.       Attempts to rescue cult victims in Iraq

9.       MKO’s Fraudulent Fundraising Event Exposed

10.    Damning evidence of Rajavi’s co-operation with Saddam regime

11.    Austria Refuses MKO

12.    MKO cult reaction

13.    No Refuge for MKO in France

14.    Ali Reza Jafarzadeh

15.    150 MKO defect from the group

16.    IGC expulsion decision confirmed


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