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ADVT condemned the assassination of Iranian laborers by MKO

In this statement we read: first May is called the Laborers’ day in Iran. Laborers are considered as one of the studious work forces of the society. The great majority of laborers’ population and their demands have incited terrorists for conducting attacks against them frequently. In this Association for Defending Victims of Terrorismregard the terrorist cult of Rajavi has caused too much loss on this class of society. The great majority of victims of MKO terrorist attacks are laborers.

Based on this statement it has been asserted that the issue of laborers and the importance of supporting their rights have been mentioned in various international documents like the International Labor Organization Protocol, Articles 6,7 and 8 of the UN Cultural, Economic and Social Convention and the Articles 23 and 24 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration. However, in the list of the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization, there are the names of more than 4000 laborers, most of whom had not even heard the name of this organization. According to the claim of the organization leaders, these laborers deserved death just for supporting the regime. Based on the domestic and international laws of most of the countries, no one should be reprimanded for having a special approach or viewpoint. Far beyond reprimanding, MKO assassinates these people. The MKO leaders turn laborers into a political plaything for their own ends without considering their human dignity; in the case of any opposition, the laborers would be murdered. The reason behind the assassination of most of the laborers was that their work was leading to economic growth and consequently the increase of public trust in government.

The violation of the human rights of the laborers is not limited to the assassinations; The MKO illegally transfers many workers who are seeking for a job in foreign countries, to Iraq and MKO’s military base there. After confiscating their identity documents, these laborers receive compulsory military and terrorist trainings and also are exposed to forced labor. On one hand, based on the ‘freedom of the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work’, mentioned in Article 23 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights this issue is the violation of human rights. On the other hand, it is quit contrary to the laws related to the way of treating laborers.

Mojahedin-e Khalq organization which speaks out the rights of laborers, considers long working hours and lack of sleeping, as a way for making the members exhausted and preventing them from thinking. This is another evidence of the violation of primary rights of human beings. This issue has been completely explained in the Human Rights Watch report of May 2005 and American RAND Corporation report of August 2009. Studying these impartial reports can give a better understanding of these stone-age criminals of the third millennium.

With these descriptions about the approach of the Rajavi cult leaders and the inhuman situation governing the Ashraf Camp and the way they treat their members (like some slaves), we have to talk about the two types of the laborer victims of this terrorist cult; the first category is composed of the laborers who have been directly targeted by the MKO and the second one are the workers who have been deceived by MKO. The members of the second category seek for their rights although they can find nothing but the violation of their basic rights in these terrorist groups.

ADVT also announces that instrumental application of these laborers just like the other professions of the society including students, teachers, and sellers are common in this terrorist group.

This year, MKO arranged various propaganda plays in order to distract the society and create an atmosphere of opposition and objection among the laborer class of the society. However, all of these futile efforts foiled and no one paid any attention to such claims. Therefore, Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism condemning the assassination of laborers calls on international organizations to make their best efforts for the trial of Rajavi leaders who keep the MKO members as captives and abuses the laborers.

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism, Tehran

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