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Iraqi ambassador: Iraq to expel terrorist Mojahedin Khalq soon

Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh said on Wednesday that terrorist Mujahedeen Khalq Organization refugees stationed in Iraq camp will be expelled by the end of this year.

In a meeting with Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency Ali Akbar Javanfekr at Iran Press and Cultural Instititue, the ambassador said that the Iraqi government has acknowledged its decision to expel the refugees to the international organizations responsible for settlement of the refugees.

The ambassador said that the Iraqi government has also raised the issue with the European Union.

Al-Sheikh said that the terrorist MKO refugees were given a camp under the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein when they were serving under the then Iraqi army command to crack down Iraqi opposition in southern Iraq. ‘So, the new Iraqi government set a deadline for them to leave Iraq.

“The Iraqi leaders have consulted with EU over the MKO refugees and maintained that Iraq can not tolerate presence of the terrorists in the Iraqi territory,” the ambassador said.

“We also discussed the subject with Iran and the Red Crescent Society to help get rid of the terrorists who have been involved in violent crackdown of the opposition in 1990s under Saddam Hussein. So, the Iraqi government can not control its citizens’ revenge for collaboration with the former dictator in killing the Iraqi people,” he said.

The Iraqi ambassador added that Iraqi government and nation will not allow any terrorist group such as MKO or terrorist PEJAK group to use Iraqi soil to attack the neighboring and friendly country as Islamic Republic of Iran.

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