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Iraq says not to allow PJAK, MKO to act

Iraqi ambassador to Iran Majid al-Sheikh said his country would not allow PJAK and MKO to act inside the Arab country.
"Iraq is resolute not to allow Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) members to stay inside its territory. Situation would be very hard for them (the group members) to stay inside Iraqi soil after upcoming withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq," he told ISNA.

"Iraq will never allow any terrorist cell to act against its neighboring states," the Iraqi top diplomat added.

As to press reports on giving lands of Iraqi Kurdistan region to PJAK terrorist network, the ambassador noted, "no terrorist group including PJAK and MKO is permitted to act against neighboring states based on Iraqi Constitution."

Regarding American forces’ exit from Iraq, he said, "the issue will be decided upon in phases. People in Iraq do not want that outsiders remain inside Iraq."

"Iraqi nation and establishment do not want existence of any organization inside its soil which uses the country for operations against neighboring states, particularly against Iran."

"Iraqi government preferred the issued (expulsion of MKO from Iraq) be settled through a trilateral committee by Iran, Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). We had called for the EU to host these people and distribute them in different states. The group has no position inside Iraq."

As to Iran-Iraq shared borders and marking land borders, the Iraqi diplomat said, "land borders’ marking will be accomplished by next year, as experts believe."

Meanwhile concerning shared oil pools, he said, "the two countries (Iran and Iraq) have agreed not to use joint oil pools as long as the issue of shared borders has remained unsettled."

As to delay in transfer of Iran’s gas to Europe through Iraq, Syria and Turkey, he said, "a meeting scheduled to discuss the issue was cancelled due to some problems of other countries."

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