Baghdad under pressure to allow U.S. establish military bases in Iraq’

MP Mohammad Javad Abtahi says the Baghdad government is pressed by Washington to allow the U.S. to establish military bases in Iraq, he stated.

This is while Iraq’s major concern is Camp Ashraf which houses MKO terrorists, Abtahi told the Mehr News Agency.

He added if the U.S. really wants to deal with insecurity in Iraq, why it does not cooperate with the Iraqi government to expel the MKO terrorists.

Abtahi also refuted claims by U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that Iran sends military equipment to Iraqi insurgents.

The MP said the United States has nothing to prove its claims so it resorts to anything to justify its baseless claims.

He said Iraq’s security is highly important to Iran, adding, “Iran has always expressed concern over the security of its borders and then how is it possible (for it) to intensify insecurity in the region?”


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