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British embassy denies visit of MKO leader to Britain

The British embassy in Tehran here Wednesday denied the reports about the visit of the leader of the terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, to Britain and said that according to British law on campaign against terrorism (2000) MKO is considered as an illegal and terrorist organization.

According to the communique issued by the British ambassador to Tehran, a copy of which was submitted to IRNA, the leader of MKO, Rajavi is not allowed to visit Britain.

"I can confirm that she has been unable to visit the country.

Neither has she attended the British House of Lords," added the diplomat.

Referring to international terrorism as a common problem currently facing the world community and stressing the need for cooperation with Iran for campaign against it, he added that the opposition of British government to international terrorism is obvious.

He noted that the list of organizations already announced illegal in accordance with the mentioned law and the limitations imposed upon them have been released for public access.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi in his weekly briefing on Sunday July 31 said that he had read about the meeting of MKO heads with representatives of the British House of Lords in a website and that he has called for more information on the issue.

He added that according to the British authorities, Rajavi has been denied the right of visiting Britain for the past three years and that such a meeting has not taken place.

"If the report released by the website is correct, it would be a great mistake made by the British authorities which should be examined, while in case the news is incorrect the site should revise the given information," he concluded.


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