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MEK try to cover up involvement in failed coup attempt

MEK and its Western backers try to cover up involvement in failed coup attempt in Baghdad

After last week’s failed coup d’etat by Saddamist Baathists the Mojahedin-e Khalq now tried to MEK and its Western backers try to cover up involvement in failed coup attempt in Baghdaderase evidence of its involvement by removing from its own websites and media all the material against al-Maliki’s government and the incitement to violence against the government which it had copied from Baathist websites and media.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist cult has long enjoyed strong support and backing from some members of the European Parliament, specifically Struan Stevenson and Alejo Vidal Quadras, who are both members of the Iraq Delegation. They warn against Iraqi interference in the situation of the MEK headquarters Camp Ashraf which is known as the last Saddamist Baathist stronghold in Iraq.

Over time, the government of Al-Maliki has complained both directly and through its diplomatic representatives, of Western and specifically European interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. Some of this was linked to evidence of MEK involvement.

With the arrest of 615 Saddamist Baathists in the middle and south of Iraq charged with activities that threatened the safety and security of the state, it may be that the dots are finally being joined up.

Up until yesterday the MEK’s websites and media were forcefully promoting the views of several Iraqi politicians who are among those arrested. Today their names have been carefully expunged from the site. Also among the prominent names which have been removed are Heydar Molla, and Saleh Mutlaq.

Saleh Mutlaq was linked with financial support for the MEK prior to the last election. He was based in Brussels working closely with the MEK lobby against the de-Baathification process.

Interestingly, articles promoting the position of Struan Stevenson and Alejo Vidal Quadras still feature on the MEK site. As well as his well-known support for the MEK, Stevenson, in his capacity as Chair of the Iraq Delegation, has made several visits to Jordan in addition to those he made to Iraq. Jordan, of course, is where many prominent Saddamist Baathists relocated after 2003, including Saddam’s daughter. Between 2003 and 2009 the MEK’s base, Camp Ashraf in the Diyala province of Iraq was used as a secret gathering and training base for Saddamist Baathists as well as indigenous and foreign insurgents, under the protection of the American military.

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