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Iraq’s decision on MEK expulsion irreversible

To review the issue of Camp Ashraf, a meeting was held at the European Parliament, with the presence of Struan Stevenson, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, and Esther Dang (MeK supporters in EU To review the issue of Camp Ashraf, a meeting was held at the European ParliamentParliament); Jean De Ryte, Catherin Ashton’s advisor on Camp Ashraf; and the representative of Iraqi embassy. In the absence of the Iraqi Envoy, his representative explained the government’s position, and stressed its decision to close Camp Ashraf by the year end.

During the meeting, it was so clear that the MeK supporters are extremely disturbed because the EU officials have ignored their blackmails. This turbulence was to such an extent that Vidal Quadras warned Jean De Ryte and Catherin Ashton that if they do not cover their demands, they will be faced with the reaction.

He said De Ryte:

Mr. Ambassador! This Parliament has the right and duty to control the European Commission and Mrs. Ashton is the Vice President of the Commission. So I say to you that, from now on, if the Foreign Service, which is in maximum charge of Mrs. Ashton, does not fulfill its obligations with this sensitive issue, with the determination and commitment that we expect, you do not doubt that Parliament will apply his right to control, up to maximum. Since, for a long time we have explained and warned that what will happen, and that what should be done. We are exhausted!

The interesting point of this meeting was statements of Iraqi embassy’s representative, who once again addressed audiences the Irreversibleness of the Iraqi government’s decision:

…Let me welcome to Ambassador Jean De Ryte, who participated in this important meeting. We are sure that diplomatic experience and wisdom of Mr. Ambassador will help the evacuation of Camp Ashraf. The deadline set by the Iraqi government to close Camp Ashraf by the year end should be respected. On Sep 23, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meetings, Iraqi FM had a conversation with Mrs. Ashton.

In the past 2 months, he has sent 3 letters in this regard to Mrs. Ashton. These letters describe Iraqi government’s decision to close the camp by the end of 2011. The international society knows this group as a terrorist organization. According to the constitution of Iraq, MeK presence is illegal.

The Iraq’s constitution prohibits presence of any terrorist organization in the country (Article 7 of the constitution). This presence is a threat to security in Iraq and neighboring countries, and gives them an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq.

As a democratic and peaceful country, Iraq seeks to form passive relations with the neighbor countries, and not to interfere in their internal affairs. Also, Iraq does not tolerate the presence of terrorist organizations on its territory.

After hearing statements of Iraqi government’s representative, MeK supporters began to taunt the EU that why, e.g, they do not use financial and economic tools to force Iraqi government to accept MeK presence on his soil.

During the meeting, Jean De Ryte said that the UN High Commissioner for refugees is the only responsible for this issue. He remarked that, the only work that European Union can do, simply, is to accept some of them.
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