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MeK leadership places massacre of the troops on agenda

After UNHCR, European Union confirmed Iraqi government decision to relocate the MeK inside

After UN, EU confirms Iraqi sovereignty; MeK leadership places massacre of the troops on agenda

its country, and to evacuate Camp Ashraf under control of the UN, therefore they offer another chance to MeK to surrender themselves to law, and give up turbulence and blackmail.

Terrorist group MeK and their supporters were demanding European Union FMs to take position against Iraqi government, and condemn its deadline to exploit them; or accept their Mass asylum, but the EU Did not act according to their demand.

Struan Stevenson, member of European parliament and MeK’s supporter says in this regard:

UN and European Union tell us that we should trust the security of Ashraf residents by Iraqi authorities. Have not we all heard this before? We are told that we should respect to the Iraq’s sovereignty. Well Hitler had sovereignty over the Jews in Nazi Germany. UN and European Union! Wake up For the sake of God!

So, it should be stated that MeK and its supporters also did not benefit from the involvement of Europe in This issue and, hereby, could not provide background to survive their organization. As before, they were dreaming it through intervening of the UN UNHCR in this matter.

Also in this time, the MeK had intended to legitimate their turbulence and blackmail based on possible support of EU and its stance against Iraqi government’s decision.

Frustrated of their inability in abuse of the Europe Union, Maryam Rajavi says in this regard: "Hiding behind the "Iraqi sovereignty" to justify the indifference toward crimes of this government against Ashraf absolutely is unacceptable."

Now, MeK seek to counter Iraqi government and create conflict at the end of the deadline.

From now, MeK leadership is preparing the troops to sacrifice, also he is inducing them that being Ashrafi means that never will we retreat, even one step; and with our deaths, we force the Iraqi government to withdraw. However, until last week, he was promising the desperate forces that the US, the UN, and the EU will protect them.

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