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Allow the survivors to testify against Rajavi cult

Open letter to the US secretary of state , Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Open letter to the US secretary of state , Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton
These days, we are watching the unbridled endeavors of the members of the Rajavi terrorist-religious cult and their lobbies in USA and Europe to force you to delist their organization from the US state department terrorist list. The pmoi or Rajavi’s terrorist-religious cult always intends to reach to its goals by using force , pressure and imposition . I congratulate you because of your resistance and persistence for the continuation of the US state department research and investigation about this notorious organization. I as a former member of Rajavi’s national liberation army and a veteran of pmoi with 25 years record of service in this organization besides my appreciation for your resistance and US state department , am ready to fully cooperate with you and US state department as a reliable source and witness to show you the reality of this cult and its real essence whenever and wherever is suitable . the reason that I want to cooperate with you is because I believe the silence of the people like me who has witnessed the terrorist essence of this cult is a treason to the future generations and Iranian people as well as other countries specially USA.

Mrs. Clinton , everyday I follow the news about this cult and unfortunately I see sometimes that the members of this cult unilaterally in your country by the support of their American lobbies(former politicians and prominent figures) participate in variety of sessions , meetings in Washington and unilaterally they define and admire themselves without any objections because the scene is full of their supporters so the reality of their essence is not revealed because there is no dissident and witness in that meeting to stand up and show his or her complaint against the lies which this cult says about itself and reveal the real entity and essence of this cult and then we will see by the revelation of the real entity of this cult ,the lobbies(sometimes hotter than the soup bowl) who support them will still continue their support or not?!

For this simple reason, I am urging you to allow some of the separated members of this cult to come to USA and participate in these sessions and meetings specially in Washington to debate with the supporters of pmoi and their lobbies face to face and testify about the real essence and entity of this cult in front of the US officials so truth and untruth can be revealed and clarified . I believe this is the best facility for you and the state department to become more acquainted with the dark and grim essence and content of this organization and I emphasize that no one except the separated members in this world can be useful for introducing and recognition of the essence of this cult . For this reason the leadership of this terrorist religious cult have issued the death decree of all separated members throughout the world and they have begun destroying their prestige and personalities by labeling them as agents of Iranian intelligence service to shut their mouth.

Once more I appreciate all your efforts and your tolerance and resistance against the pmoi propaganda which is accompanied by force , pressure and imposition, and I should say that keeping the name of this organization in your terrorist list is the least and besides that all pmoi activists who are living in USA without mentioning their affiliation with this terrorist organization should be expelled from the US soil or confined and believe me the presence of such people on your soil is the overt and clear breach of the US Home Security regulations and rules of law.


Hassan Piransar the former veteran member of Rajavi’s cult , Faryade Azadi, Paris

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