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Survivors of Rajavi cult demand security in France

Open Letter to President Hollande

Dear President François Hollande,

Sadly some people, who claimed to follow a religious belief, attacked and killed several journalists in Paris. Seventeen people lost their lives during this murderous act. The terrorists who conducted this barbaric

Mr. Mohammad Karami  among others has been repeatedly attacked by well known Mojahedin Khalq agents in Paris

massacre were targeting the freedom of speech which has been cherished in France for the past 200 years. These terrorists tried to bring back the age of terror and horror to France by breaking pens and targeting writers. These leaders have, of course, forgotten that the age of Robespierre ended two hundred years ago. French people came out in their masses to show that freedom of speech will not give in to violence and that France is willing to pay a heavy price for this freedom. The masses and the mixed turnout of the unity demonstrations showed the clear resolve of the people and the clear answer they had for this barbaric act and its perpetrators.

Dear M. President,

Massoud Rajavi is the leader of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MEK); a well-known, dangerous cult. The main HQ of this cult is situated in the north of Paris where, for over 3 decades, the MEK has enjoyed the protection of successive French governments. The ideology of this organisation is the same as the ISIS ideology: belief in the use of violence to achieve its political aims. Up to a few weeks ago the Mojahedin Khalq has openly supported the crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, calling them “the acts of the Iraqi people and the revolutionary tribes”. The MEK supported the capture of Mosel and Fallujah in Iraq .

In an audio speech two and a half months ago during Ashura (the Shia remembrance ceremony for Imam Hussein),* Massoud Rajavi clearly ordered his Fedayeen to find ex-members of the MEK and to kill them along with any other critics of him and his cult. In this internal audio message, in the 39.56th minute of the tape, my picture and, in the 40.22th minute, my name is shown and therefore I am included as a target in the assassination list of this infamous terrorist cult. In his message, Massoud Rajavi orders his Fedayeen and says: “I ask each and every one of you to bring these traitors to their deserved justice for what they have done”. He uses the occasion of Ashura to make a religious link with Imam Hussein and hence asks his followers to kill “each and every one” of his “enemies” by any means, including sacrificing their own lives.

This incitement to violence and hysterical call for murder in Europe has been broadcast repeatedly from the MEK satellite channel and has been posted on their official and unofficial websites over and over again, and it is repeated daily, even now.

Dear M. President,

As a French citizen I don’t feel secure. Once, on 28 November 2009, and another time on 22 June 2012, I have been attacked by Massoud Rajavi’s henchmen and suffered serous injuries. I have repeatedly received serious threats from them and I am now being directly targeted by the leader of this terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organisation. My only crime of course is that I have been speaking the truth and exposing the crimes committed by this violent cult. I am one of the witnesses to the abuse of human rights and war crimes committed by the Mojahedin Khalq, including their involvement in the massacre of the Kurdish population of Iraq in 1991 on the order of Saddam Hussein.

Me, and my friends who have managed to rescue ourselves from this organisation and survive, do not expect to pay the price of the clandestine Western policy of using this violent cult for its own agenda, with our blood.

You are well aware that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on June 26 2014 that the French government has no relation with the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation and the group has no legal presence in France. Yet it is unfortunate that we all see clearly that this terrorist cult has been, and is still, operational under the full support of the French government for the last three decades.     Thanking you in advance for all your efforts in this respect and with the hope that this humanitarian action will save people before it is too late

Mohammad Karami, Ayaran,



 Ministry of the Interior

 Ministry of Justice

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