Nejat members meet Gholamali Sajedifar family

On Thursday Jan.22,2014 Nejat member of Khuzestan branch including Mr. Albughobeish met Sajedifar family whose son is banned behind the bars of Rajavis Cult now for about 30 years.

Gholam Ali was the prisoner of Iran-Iraq war when he deceived by the MKO Cult members and joined the group.

His brother, Behzad said that along with other families, he went in front of camp Ashraf several times, in a hope to visit his brother. However the cult leaders denied to let him see his brother even for seconds.

The last time Gholam Ali’s suffering mother could see her beloved son was in 2003 when she could visit Gholam Ali under the supervision of two MKO members.

Nejat members meet Gholamali Sajedifar family
Behzad Sajedifar havent see his brother more than three decades


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