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Nejati,MKO veteran escape TTL

Ali Nejati , an old hand of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization escaped Camp Liberty(Temporary Transit Location)on Wednesday April 25, 2012.Nejati,MKO veteran escape TTL

Nejati could manage to pass through various security obstacles around the Camp near Baghdad airport and submitted himself to Iraqi Police.

After he joined Iraqi forces outside TTL, he described the leaders of the group, as “criminal” and “thieves of public properties”.

The defector of the MKO revealed that he has worked as an interpreter for the group, for years, and he has attended a lot of clandestine meetings so he knows a large number of secrets about treasons and crimes the group committed.

“Not only they committed high treason against their country but also they plundered public treasury of Iraqi people by conspiring with some Iraqi political movements”, he said." Today they claim the properties as their own.”

Nejati who was an old member of the MKO is the second person to escape TTL after Mr. Ehsan Bidi ran away from the cult a week earlier on April19th,2012.

According to reports, the situation in TTL is critical since the group leaders have used special security and protective policies to prevent members’ flee.

The MKO has recently issued a statement asking Iraqi government to hand them movable properties they took wrongfully from Iraqi people at Camp Ashraf. The group has also asked the Iraqi government to pay 500 million dollars for immovable properties in Camp Ashraf .

Translated by Nejat society

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