Confiscated property at Camp Ashraf to be allocated to MKO victims

Uday al Khaddran: Funds from confiscated property at Camp Ashraf to be allocated to victims of Mojahedin Khalq .

While former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist cult are pursuing a class action against Massoud and Maryam Rajavi’s assets to claim compensation for the victims of the group, the mayor of Khalis in Iraq is pursuing a similar action in his province.

Once the UN have successfully moved the MEK from Camp Ashraf to the temporary transit camp, Camp Liberty, property confiscated from the terrorist group by the Iraqi authorities will be sold and the money used to help the victims of MEK terrorism in Iraq and to recompense local farmers for the land and property stolen from them by the MEK over the past three decades.

The mayor of Khalis, Uday al Khaddran, told media, "the property at the camp includes types of saloon cars and transport, buses and tanks as well as engineering equipment and generators of different sizes and large private halls, as well as electrical appliances and cooking utensils and the types of audio devices, photography, types of medical devices for hospitals".

The mechanism for the sale must take into account recompense for the Iraqi people who suffered under the former regime he stressed.


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