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Open letter of Mr. Fatahiyan to the French Ministry of Justice

Terrorists should not have the right to organize meetings

Honorable Minister of Justice Madam Christiane Taubira Ghafour Fatahiyan

With greetings,
Before beginning my letter, I would like to introduce myself. I, Ghafour Fatahiyan , am a former veteran member of People’s Mujahedin Organization (PMOI, MKO, MEK, Rajavi’s cult) who had been a fulltime member and captive of the Rajavi’s cult for twenty years in pmoi different bases .
Honorable Minister of Justice, probably you have been informed about the pmoi situation in Iraq and the Iraqi government decision regarding the expulsion of pmoi from their soil . so far five groups of pmoi members despite of all tricks, deceptions and obstructions which pmoi leadership have implemented, have evacuated the Ashraf and gone to the liberty camp and unfortunately not only those obstructions and tricks are not finished or subsided but also they have got worse and the leadership of this cult do not let the international organizations to do their job on purpose.

Few days ago , Maryam Rajavi , the leader of pmoi in her statement said that she does not advise the remaining groups to leave Ashraf. the people who are familiar with pmoi tactics and their method in dealing with problems , they understand the essence of this order perfectly which is a direct organizational order for more bloodshed and organizing more conflicts and confrontations with the Iraqi police and Iraqi government like the confrontations in the past which took the life of more than fifty people , because the leaders of this cult do not want to lose Ashraf easily and they are trying their best to buy time by all means because by shutting down of Ashraf , they will lose their breeding ground of their cult completely and this event will be considered as a huge and devastating failure and fiasco for the leaders of this cult .

Honorable Minister of Justice
The pmoi by the leadership of Maryam Rajavi which her headquarter is situated in Auver sur Oise near Paris , intends to organize a gathering with her presence in Paris. The objective of this gathering is that , if they lose their main and the only cultic breeding ground , Ashraf , in Iraq then they will substitute Ashraf with another safe base in Paris which will be their new breeding ground for their cult.
According to my knowledge and experiences of the essence and content of this organization which I had gained those during my membership in this dangerous organization and based on my presence in many pmoi internal sessions during my stay in pmoi , I know very well that after the downfall of Saddam Hussein and the likelihood of their expulsion from Iraq , the next country for their residence will be France . they intend to reside in their main headquarter and base , Auvers sur Oise in Paris , the place which Maryam Rajavi before the US invasion to Iraq ,was deployed clandestinely.
According to the internal political and organizational sessions which I participated , I heard from Mozugan Parsayee many times that if we lose our main base , Ashraf , we have still our headquarter in Auvers sur Oise and she added , for this reason Maryam Rajavi has gone and deployed there to influence the French society with her presence. This speech is one of the facts which proves my claim and for this reason the pmoi has concentrated all its power in this issue.

As you know , these days pmoi is trying its best to organize this meeting and gathering in Paris and they are struggling to bring as much people as they can in this gathering from different nationalities and I can surely say that more than 80 percent of those people who will participate in this gathering are not Iranian and pmoi pay and spend huge amount of money to attract those people to their gathering and unfortunately some of the French mayors will participate in this gathering as a result of pmoi fake propaganda .
According to the international rules of law and regulations , the terrorist groups do not have the right to organize meetings and gatherings throughout the world . the pmoi has been listed as a foreign terrorist organization in US state department since 17 years ago and also this notorious organization had been listed as a terrorist organization in European Union for a long period of time and no one has forgotten the pmoi self immolations on the streets of Paris in 2003 which was directly orchestrated and ordered by Rajavi’s cult.
In 2003 I was in Iraq when Maryam Rajavi got arrested in Paris , we were told by high ranking officers of pmoi in Ashraf that if Maryam Rajavi was not released immediately , the pmoi members had to set themselves on fire in front of American camp inside Ashraf to show and demonstrate their protest.
Honorable Minister

1. We are talking about an organization which its essence and content is based on crime and terrorism.

2. We are talking about an organization which imprisons and tortures its dissidents only for small criticism against Massoud Rajavi and sending them to the Iraq notorious prison, Abou ghraib.

3. We are talking about an organization which forced its members to throw themselves in front of the Iraqi police vehicles to be killed.

4. We are talking about an organization which has not allowed its members to have a simple meeting with their loved ones and families since 25 years ago and has captivated its members.

5. We are talking about an organization which does not allow its members to have access to a radio and ……………etc.
Yours Excellency, according to the concrete facts which some of them mentioned above , in your opinion such organization is qualified to organize a gathering or meeting in France? Do they have the right to organize such gathering in France?

With many thanks
Ghafour Fatahiyan

Ghafour Fatahiyan, Iran Pen Clube

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