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Open letter to Minister of Justice of Albania, Ms Etilda Gjonaj

Minister of Justice in Albania - Etilda Gjonaj

Dear Madame,
We heard the news of some prisoners being pardoned on New Year’s Eve, and we hoped for justice in the light of your kindness.
Security and progress in human societies will be realized with more love and forgiveness because God loves the kind.
It takes courage to show kindness and you have shown that you have that courage. We congratulate you and your government for this courage and wish you success in serving your country and its people.
Madame Justice Secretary,
I would like to draw your attention to a case that appears to violate justice in your country, and which violates the rights of an innocent person and surely you will agree.

Ehsan Bidi

Last August, a friend of ours – Ehsan Bidi – was arrested and is being held in a closed camp in Mans. He has been denied access to a lawyer.
It should be noted that Ehsan Bidi has been in your country for six years already, has complied with all the rules and was given a ten-year residence permit by the government.
With his background, according to international laws and standards, he is recognised as a refugee. But unfortunately, he has been arrested and his human rights and asylum rights have been violated. He had chosen to remain in your country in the hope of finding a better and easier life because he believes he can have a good life in a law-abiding and civilized country, in line with international law, just like anyone else.
Madame Secretary, we look forward to seeing your courage in administering justice in this case. We urge you not to allow the violation of the rights of anyone who has sought refuge in your country and who has been bound by and has respected all the laws of the country since the time he arrived.
With the greatest respect
1- Mohammad Azim Mishmast
2- Hadi Sani Khani
3- Hassan Heyrani
4- Abdolrahman Mohammadian
5- Hassan Shahbaz
6- Ali Hajari
7- Ehsan Bidi
8- Gholam Mirzai
9- Malek bit Mashal
10- Moussa Damroudi
11- Gholamreza shekari
12- Parviz Heydarzade

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