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Rajavis cult is biggest loser in Iran election

Now the controversial results of Iran’s presidential election have been announced it is clear who the real losers are: the Rajavis and their cult.

It seems this the first year that we have not had a peep out of Maryam Rajavi before the election. In previous elections it has been customary for her to issue an imperious edict for Iranian people to boycott their elections. And every election time, totally oblivious to the existence of Madame Rajavi let alone her message, Iranians turn up to cast their vote and make their will known – no matter how little it is heeded by the country’s political elite.

This year is no exception. In fact it appears that this year’s presidential election has become so contentious that even more people than ever have voted. Maybe it has become too embarrassing to continually demand a boycott and be, well, ignored.

Maybe it has finally sunk in that, in spite of the obvious flaws (the candidates all have the approval of the Supreme Leader) and the infighting, or maybe because of this un-precedentedly open, vociferous and challenging campaign, the IRI is not on the verge of collapse and that regime change engineered by some kind of drastic internal revolution is not just around the corner ready for her to exploit. This may come as a surprise to Madame Rajavi, but Iranians love their country and are not about to trash it to suit her agenda.

Speaking of her ‘agenda’, Madame Rajavi, knows better than anyone that her only chance to return to her homeland and impose her husband’s cult onto the people of Iran is for the whole ruling system to collapse. She also knows better than anyone else what the subliminal message of this election is; the only way for her to go home is for her cult to continue to pursue its well-trod path of violence and try to remove the ruling regime by force – a course it has pursued without success for nearly thirty years.

Of course, this is what she has believed all the time, in spite of her phony posturing as a campaigner for democracy and human rights to her – let’s be honest – gullible political consumers and her self-serving western backers.

Looking at all the de-listing activity she has engaged in over the past few years I expect that in time Madame Rajavi would have liked to drop the pretence that she heads a peaceful political opposition group and re-invigorate the National Liberation Army of Iran.

Fortunately for the people of Iran this has become impossible as, thanks to the Government of Iraq, this defunct army is now being carefully and thoughtfully dismantled in order to extinguish it as a terrorist entity.

By Anne Singleton

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