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Rajavis’ Cult on the net

For those MKO members who are captured by MKO in Camp Ashraf Iraq or Camp Maryam France, surfing the Internet includes a difficult process due to the severe information control dominating the cult. The members would work on the Internet only in groups of at least two people including a superior and a minor member. The limited number of websites filtered for them, are just those of the organization that advocate the cults’ cause.

A free access to the Internet can be the first step for a person who is involved in a cult such as MKO destructive cult. The leaders of Rajavi’s cult hate the net because it allows their members access to Information they deem subversive or evil.

Many ex-members of MKO are now running their own websites posting their sometimes untold stories of their involvement in the cult of Rajavi.

”Be especially eager to surf the net if your leaders have told you not to “according to Cult Watch website. A quick search on common search engines by the keywords related to MKO (MEK, Rajavi’s Cult, Mujahedin Khalq, etc.)provides you thousands of pages and most of them contain the same patterns which are familiar to all those characteristics mentioned in previous parts of these articles.

According to Cult Watch “Old publications by the group are key tools to recognize a cult: often older cults have predicted the end of the world or changed their beliefs significantly, hence their old publications become a danger to them.” A look at Mujahed Journals issued in the 1980’s or 1990’s or before the Islamic Revolution shows numerous instances of changes in MKO beliefs which often contradict one another. The very significant example is the change in their approach toward Israel and America’s so-called Imperialism. During the early years of NKO foundation, militants of the group assassinated American military personnel and civilians or they received military trainings by PLO in Palestinian military camps of Yaser Arafat. Now the big change: they are flattering their Western godfathers to receive a safe haven after the fall of their ex-landlord Saddam Hussein. Among former members of MKO Cult, some have written books, articles, memoirs on the rise and fall of these changes.
By Mazda Parsi

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