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June 17th sign of MKO illegality

On June 17th, 2003, immediately after the fall of Iraqi dictator following the invasion of coalition forces to Iraq, the French police raided on MKO’s Camp in Auver Sur d’Oise on Parisian country side where Maryam Rajavi (who had just escaped from Iraqi Camp Ashraf that was offered to MKO by their ex-supporter Saddam Hussein) was arrested together with 160 of other members of MKO. The raid showed the awareness of French government about the risk of transference of Camp Ashraf Iraq to Auvers Sur d’Oise after the collapse of Iraqi Baath government that had been financially and militarily supporting MKO for about 3 decades.

The act of French Police against MKO led the West to be enlightened of the illegitimate presence of MKO in Europe, signifying the ambiguity of the group’s activities for ever. As a reaction to the move of French Police, MKO leaders made their members set themselves ablaze, causing tragic impressive scenes in European capitals. The self-immolations just provided the accuracy of the accusation Police made against MKO.

Following the Police raid, DST (French Intelligence Service) issued a report in which it was declared that the Police succeeded in finding large amounts of money and some documents on MKO possible plans to launch terrorist operations from their bases in the West. The story didn’t end with the raid but the French government has been supervising Mujahedin Khalq that is still under juridical prosecution.

June 17th, 2003, is a historical chapter in the anti-terrorism challenges around the world and removed the mask of human right claims from the face of MEK as a notorious terrorist cult. That event announced that the group is still loyal to its violent strategy both in Iraq and in the West and it has always the potentiality to commit terrorist acts.

MEK cult has never had a positive background since it has always deprived its members from living a free life without the manipulative controlling system of the cult. Besides, MEK’s history is a bunch of violent activities. Considering the entire notorious story of MEK, today the world’s public opinion is the best judge to recognize the true nature of terrorist groups.

The way Mujahedin approaches the world has no use for them except their further isolation among Iranians as well as the world. MEK views its former members as an obstacle against their deceitful approach towards the world. Therefore, as its last resort, MKO doesn’t stop insulting the ex-members labeling them as the agents of IRI.

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