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Mr. Fatahiyan Open letter to the honorable PM of Iraq

I , Ghafour Fatahiyan, one of the former members of People’s Mujahedin Organization(MKO, PMOI, Rajavi’s cult) who spent 20 years of my life in this cult. Since my affiliation to this Ghafour Fatahiyan, one of the former members of People’s Mujahedin Organizationorganization , from the first day till my leaving time , I had to go through many harsh ordeals and I was under severe tortures which is unthinkable and unbelievable.

The organization which I and the people like me entered in it with honesty and sincerity and pure intentions , but this organization has been a destructive terrorist organization under the control of egoistic leadership and because of Rajavi’s power mongering and ambition they have done all kind of crime against Iraqi and Iranian people ranging from killing of Iraqi Kurds to supporting of the terrorist groups in Iraq by bringing them inside of the Ashraf garrison to teach them the terrorist trainings as well as interfering in Iraq elections by spending huge amount of money and killing the civilians at the Iranian border and all these brutal actions have been carried out by the direct order of Massoud Rajavi who masterminded and planned all those mentioned above.

As a result of the suppression and repression inside of Ashraf garrison which was created by the pmoi operatives, the pmoi members because of being accused and labeled as mercenary and traitor, were too terrified and scared to leave the organization .

In 1996 , Massoud Rajavi in a big gathering had ordered the killing of pmoi separated members throughout the world.

Mr. Prime Minister

As you are fully aware of the issues regarding Ashraf garrison, the people inside this camp have been deprived of their preliminary rights. In this camp, everything is forbidden, may be these facts are unbelievable and very hard to imagine . everything such as Telephone, Internet and Foreign News was available and accessible for the pmoi commanders and high ranking officers but we were deprived of all those rights and even we had to take permission to do sport and everything we wanted to do in that garrison, should have been under direct supervision of pmoi commanders and high ranking officers .

Mr. Prime Minister, during my 20 years of stay in Rajavi’s hell hole, I had witnessed and seen many injustice , insults and killing of the dissidents inside the pmoi hell hole and many members committed suicide as a result of the tremendous pressures which the pmoi operatives and leadership exerted upon them.

Mr. Prime Minister, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi repeatedly and consecutively have announced in their private and personal sites that they have adhered to their host country and international regulations and rules of law whereas it has been proved during these years that all those sham statements were to deceive to buy more time and on the other hand the leadership of this cult consecutively issues the messages of war and resistance in Ashraf garrison.

Now it is the time that the pmoi operatives and its leadership be consigned and surrendered to the Justice , for this reason I urge the Iraqi government and it judicial system to help us to condemn the pmoi leadership in the court of law because of all those cruelty and crime that they have perpetrated against all of us and our friends.

All the best
Ghafour Fatahiyan, Yaran association, Paris

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