Letter to the Honorable Director of the ICRC

Honorable Director of The International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) based in Iraq

Ancient Iran , Glorious Future consists of former members and political critics who had been captivated for many years by the cultic thoughts and ideology existing in this organization (PMOI).Finally, we could retrieve our freedom after the downfall of Saddam Hussein , Dictator of Iraq, and enjoy living free. Ancient Iran , Glorious Future consists of former members and political critics who had been captivated for many years by the cultic thoughts

As you are well informed , it is almost three months that some of the victim’s families have gathered behind the closed gates of new Iraq garrison(former Ashraf), despite of Iraq bad weather and the lack of accommodation and facilities , requesting to meet their loved ones who have been in cult’s captivity for many years , the cult’s operatives and officials have rejected their request and instead they have slandered and accused those elderly families of being Iranian intelligence service agents !!!! Meeting loved ones and relatives is a` common and routine right in every prison throughout the world , but in this prison is totally forbidden and even is counted as a deadly sin.

As we mentioned above , we had been captivated in this cult for many years and it is very understandable and tangible for each one of us the way this cult behaves specially vis a vis victims’ families . We are not strangers because we separated from Rajavi’s cult so we are completely aware and familiar with their cultic rules and behaviors, and we know why they do not want their victims to meet their families.

We are talking about a cult which any correspondence ,letters ,exchanging photo ,phone calls ,meeting loved ones,……………. And etc had been forbidden and even they were counted as deadly sin inside their cultic relations .Thinking about life , love, wife , kids and,….. etc have been forbidden in this cult and the person who entered to these subjects was utterly suppressed in collective gatherings and meetings.

We are talking about a cult which watching television and listening to the radio and having access to internet or satellite and even having a simple cell phone has been completely forbidden, for that reason those stranded and stuck victims are forcibly kept separated from the free world and instead they are continually under heavy cultic indoctrination and brain washing methods by the cultic thoughts and ideology , and they are asked to worship the cult’s leaders in stead of having any sentiment , love, towards their family and even their own private life.

Honorable officials of ICRC , we are urging and entreating you to step forward and intervene to help those families to find a way to meet their loved ones. Meeting loved ones in any prison throughout the world is considered as a right. We believe the cult’s leaders and operatives will retreat because of intervention of ICRC and all humanitarian organizations and the families will be united with their loved ones at last despite of the cultic rules.

All The Best
Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
American Embassy In Iraq
UNHCR branch in Iraq
Ancient Iran Association, Paris


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