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Netanyahou and Rajavi: The Only Two People to Cheer Canada

The act of Canadian Foreign Ministry to cease diplomatic relations with Iran shocked most people. The Canadian mass media criticized the closure of the Iranian Embassy in Toronto. Netanyahou and Rajavi: The Only Two People to Cheer CanadaFormer director of National TV of Canada (CBC) is among those who strongly criticized the foreign minister.

Also, former Canadian politicians including its former ambassador in Tehran reacted negatively to his government’s action. John Mundy, who served in Canadian Embassy in Tehran, in 2007, suggested that cutting off Tehran looks like a mistake that removes Canada’s major role in international negotiations with Iran, on its nuclear program. Critics against Canadian decision include the implausibility of the reasons advocated by the Foreign Ministry. Political experts do not see the reasons such as lack of security for diplomats and human rights abuse in Iran, as justified.

They believe that the decision was made in the absence of diplomatic regulations and under the pressure of other countries.

The cult of Rajavi (Mujahedin Khalq Organization) which is always a part of anti-Iranian arguments, welcomed the decision of Canadian government.

According to the announcement of the so called National Council of Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president elect of the Iranian resistance (!) welcomed the “Courageous act” of Canadian foreign Minister who closed their embassy in Iran. The leader of the Cult of Rajavi expressed her pleasure about Canadian act despite the fact that half a million Iranians live in Canada and now they are prohibited from consular services. This has become a big problem for them and also for human rights bodies. Besides, Maryam Rajavi, Benjamin Netanyahou, the Israeli Prime Minister welcomed the act of Canadian government.

A few days after the decision was made just two people congratulated the Canadian state: Maryam Rajavi and Benjamin Netanyahou.

It is worth to know that Rajavi’s company with Netanyahou is not an accident. They have many other things in common when it comes to Iran. Both are strong supporters of military invasion to Iran. Maryam Rajavi who claims to be a supporter of Iranian people, complaints all the time why Western countries do not invade Iran. She is a strong supporter of imposing more sanctions against Iran. Like Netanyahou, she severely urges on the necessity of invasion to Iran.

Maryam Rajavi accuses the West of negligence towards Iran. This is exactly the same as accusations Netanyahu put on the West. Maryam Rajavi’s persistence about attacking Iran is not surprising. The cult has had a longstanding cooperation with Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. The leader of the cult knows that there is no place for her and her cult in peaceful, diplomatic approach towards Iran, and they cannot survive unless they launch a bloody, military invasion.

The irony is that Maryam Rajavi shows off as a highly pro-democratic leader in all her speeches. However, the dark terrorist background of the cult declares that she never thinks of people. After the closure of Iranian Embassy in Canada, Rajavi in accord with Netanyahou never regarded numerous problems that may occur for the large number of Iranian immigrants in Canada.

Translated by Nejat Society

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