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Victimizing people; the utmost generosity of Rajavi

Based on the facts mentioned, the necessity of the dissolution of Ashraf Camp as a cultic structure which imposes inhuman features upon its members becomes obvious.

Baghdad- Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism: why the doors of Ashraf Camp have never been opened for the families of the victims? Why the MKO members like some captives, have been denied the life out of the camp? In other word, what are the implications of such great efforts for keeping the members inside the camp? In fact the question is that for which reason Rajavi keeps her members in a base which she calls it a bloodbath?

Without any effort to take the members out of this so-called bloodbath, Rajavi constantly corresponds with American officials and other western states to protest against the legal Iraqi government. She does not refer to the real will of the Iraqi people, parties and political wings which call for their expulsion. In this regard she commits various inhuman crimes for gaining advantages and supports.

MKO uses women as a defensive shield for attracting the attention and support of the human rights governments and organizations. The self-immolations are an indication of the capability of the cult in training people who can commit any crime even against themselves. Rajavi’s ransom for survival of Ashraf is the lives of MKO members.

Therefore we have to find the reasons of the MKO leaders for preserving Ashraf in the following issues; the MKO finds its existence in the application of different techniques like suppression of suspicion and resistance through which it can give a new sense of attachment. It is an issue which frequently comes along with suppressing common emotional human senses and feelings. In this regard, removing the non-cultic ideas by repeating some slogans or limited phrases, the cult leaders try to deny the previous beliefs and establish some new values in which the cult is the center and every instrument for attaining the defined goals is legitimate. Setting up the principles of a cult, any sense of personal judgment or valuation, individual decision or thinking are all denied and blind obedience is being developed between members. Wearing uniforms, confessing the internal drawbacks or any sense of doubt, isolation from the outside world, families and friends, exaggerating the faults and sins… are all among the techniques that cults resort for protecting their nature.

For the same reason the terrorist group of MKO keeps its members in a socially and mentally isolated environment in order to take the members abilities to think and make decisions. Providing such a behavioral ground leads to suicides. Self-immolation is the most common way of suicide in MKO. One of the examples of the application of this technique is the self-immolations of 2003 in which a number of MKO members set themselves on fire in protest to the arrest of Maryam Rajavi. Threatening to suicide also works as a tool in MKO negotiations with other sides.

Based on what mentioned, the necessity for dissolution of Ashraf Camp as a cultic structure which imposes inhuman features upon its members, becomes obvious. Then the best efforts should be made in order to return back these members to the bosom of the family, relatives and society.

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