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The Blood Stained Hands of a Terrorist Group ;MEK

The US State Department has clearly announced that it “does not overlook or forget the MEK’s past acts of terrorism”; it means a lot to many who have known Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO, MEK, NCR, PMOI with a half century of recorded violence. And the only ones who refuse to face the reality that nothing can wash the innocents’ bloods off the criminals hands are the group’s own leaders. In an interview following MKO’s removal from the list of designated FTO, Maryam Rajavi brazenly said “It now has become evident for everyone that these (terror) allegations were untrue”.

As people say, a leopard cannot change its spots, but it seems that in this eccentric modern world that politics overshadow our lives, it is possible to contrive ways to whitewash the spots. That is true of MKO and its delisting. Being an armed group from its very day of formation, MKO can never renounce utilization of violence as the adopted means to achieve its non-democratic ends. Even the very same people who have delisted it say “We do not see the MEK as a viable opposition or democratic opposition movement. We have no evidence and we have no confidence that the MEK is an organization that could promote the democratic values that we would like to see in Iran”. But its paid American advocates insist to instill that the group is pro-democratic with potentiality of establishing democracy for Iranian people while Iranian people believe hardly the group can spell the term ‘democracy’ or is aware of its principles.

Based on many existing evidences, and because of its adopted strategy and ideology, MKO cannot possibly foreswear terrorism and has never publicized such a claim as the State Department amplifies the point. In spite of MKO’s widespread terrorist operations of bombing and assassination inside Iran and its later out-of-the-border organized hit and run operations perpetrated in the last three decades as well as its broadly launched military operation like that of the Eternal Light, it seems that the organization has never been considered a serious threat for the Iranian regime. But the consequence of such irrefutable charges of militarism and terrorist atrocities for MKO was to be globally recognized as a terrorist group.

However, the good part is that the history and the recorded facts can never be distorted. But some Western countries tried to when they made a sudden U-turn and decided to declare that MKO was no more a terrorist organization; they still continue their negligence and unclear stances toward MKO due to political considerations. People have eyes to see and intelligence to distinguish an unleashed, whitewashed leopard from a real one.

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