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Blood of Iraqi Children at the Hands of MKO Terrorists

New Iraq has inherited a heavy legacy from the former dictatorship, which not only suppressed and crushed the Iraqi people and made hundreds of mass graves, launched wars and invasions, but left on the ground in Iraq a camp inhabited by a group of terrorists, mercenaries, who make up the military wing of the MKO terrorists who were allied with the former regime and participated with his security forces in the brutal suppression and liquidation of Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, during the popular uprising in 1991 after the failure of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, and other events.

The Iraqi people are familiar with the strong relationship that linked the organization with elements of the former regimeThe Iraqi people are familiar with the strong relationship that linked the organization with elements of the former regime and the coalition between them and the fateful military support and material submitted to it by the former system and they will never forget the blood of Iraqi children that has been lost at the hands of these terrorists, and now [the Iraqi people] insist on their right to bring them to trial and justice.

This organization has not only committed numerous crimes against Iraqis under the former regime, but persists in blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq, this time allied with sectarian terrorist organizations in Diyala province, where, in order to raise sectarian war in Iraq, the camp is kept intact.

The Iraqi government of national unity, under its obligation to protect the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq and to preserve its national unity and territorial integrity and establish the best relations with neighbouring countries on the basis of respect for sovereignty and non-interference and mutual interest and commitment to respect, will apply the constitution, in which Article «7 – II» states that the State is committed to fighting terrorism in all its forms and to work to protect its territory from being a base or pathway or field for terrorist activities. The terrorist organization and its members living in the Camp of New Iraq – formerly Camp Ashraf – have the choice only to return voluntarily to their own country or to choose another country to go to, especially as more than a thousand of them hold foreign passports or have the right to reside in various other countries.

In preparation for this, the group will be under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations and other international actors, taking into account the principles of human rights, for their transfer to another place where they are safe and which is appropriate as preparation for their departure from the land of Iraq to their own country voluntarily or other countries which accept to receive them.

It is better for those who weep for them to exercise pressure on their own countries to accept them as refugees or in any other capacity rather than demand from the Iraqi government to maintain the outlaws who have contributed to the bloodshed of Iraqis. And we are surprised that some, who speak of international law and standards, accept ignoring Iraq’s sovereignty by those who have come there [illegally] by insisting he wants to live where and when he wants to! Not to mention committing crimes against the population of his own country whenever he wishes to.

And all those who wish to know the reality of what is happening within the [MKO’s terrorist] camp, to know about the violation of human rights as reported by Human Rights Watch, and about the heinous crimes and mysterious and bizarre social life there, this has been narrated by a few residents of the camp (on the website: www.iran-interlink. org), who managed to escape from the artificial hell which controls the fate of the residents who are under all kinds of psychological pressure and intimidation by the leaders and traffickers, who have the luxury of living in Europe.

AsharqAlawsat– Mohammed Javad Al-Doreki, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Belgium and the European Union- Translated by Iran-Interlink

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