Delisting of MKO will boomerang on U.S.

The United States’ recent decision to remove the Mojahedin Khalq Organization from its list of foreign terrorist organizations will have no impact on the public perception of the group as a notorious terrorist entity.

The move was a carbon copy of what the European Union did several years ago, and it is a clear example of the double standards the U.S. government applies in dealing with the issue of terrorism.

Over the past few years, Washington has labeled many Muslim governments and organizations as terrorists, only because of their brave resistance against the hegemonic policies of the West. However, the MKO has admitted that it has killed more than 16,000 innocent citizens and government officials of Iran, and no one can deny that the group is terrorist. The United States’ double standards in dealing with the issue of terrorism and its blatant support for groups like the MKO will certainly encourage other terrorist organizations to expand the scope of their carnage.

However, the Iraqi government recently decided to close down Camp Ashraf, which was the last sanctuary of the MKO on Iraqi soil. The move greatly angered Washington, since U.S. officials had made every effort to save the camp, which many political analysts say is being used as a strategic platform for pressuring the Iranian government and nation. Despite the massive amount of pressure imposed on them by Western governments, the Iraqi people and government stood firm on their legitimate demand and showed that they are opposed to anything that undermines Iraq’s national security.

The amicable and brotherly relationship Iran and Iraq currently enjoy has its roots in the two countries’ common cultural and religious values. Thus, the U.S. decision to delist the MKO is expected to have no impact on these friendly ties. Time will prove that legitimizing the activities of a notorious terrorist group will harm the national interests of the United States more than the interests of any other country.

Hassan Kazemi Qomi formerly served as Iran’s ambassador to Iraq.

By Hassan Kazemi Qomi

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