Families of MKO hostages, more hopeful than ever

The consequences of de-proscribing the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) by the US State Department, which Rajavi was so eager about and in recent years had become the top priority of his cult, have been discussed and analyzed in various ways by various entities.

Since our task is not political and we are by no means experts, we leave the analysis to the professionals. But as far as the suffering families of the members of the MKO are concerned, who have no request except to visit their loved ones and be sure about their physical and mental wellbeing, this development gives them fresh hope. Perhaps now the MKO will accept its obligations which will lead it to meeting the just demands of the families.

Although it is claimed that the MKO has not officially performed any terrorist act for political purposes for more than a decade, the US State Department’s report states its strong concerns about MKO maltreatment against the members and their families and violation of human rights inside the organization.

Rajavi is still insisting on keeping the members in isolation from the outside world, in particular from their families. The cultic relationship and internal mind manipulation and the so called “current operation” daily sessions for brainwashing of the followers are practiced more severely than ever. The same apartheid policy to limit contact of the members between themselves, as well as the outside world, has been imposed in Camp Liberty after moving from Camp Ashraf.

News emerging from the temporary transit camp Liberty indicates that the physical separation inside the camp between units, which is essential for keeping control over the members, is practiced in different ways. The cult, away from the eyes of the UN and Iraqi officials, has begun to dig wells and has used the excavated soil to create embankments between the units to separate them from each other and prevent the residents from having access to one another. The cult has also used artificial trees to form boundaries between units.

Although the MKO has publicly accepted that they will soon leave Camp Liberty and Iraq, inside the cult the members are constantly told by even Massoud Rajavi himself that Liberty is another Ashraf and they will not leave Iraq under any circumstances.

Up to now 12 individuals have managed to escape from Camp Liberty and by doing so they have left the organization. All of them have emphasized that severe physical and psychological pressure and control is imposed over the members and all routes of escape, both physical and mental, have been blocked.

This news also reveals that the cult has briefed the members about Nejat Society in Iran, Iran Interlink in Europe, and the Sahar Family Foundation in Iraq and has told them that these bodies are the agents of Iran’s ministry of intelligence and their task is to capture the defectors and hand them over to the Iranian authorities to be taken back to Iran and face torture and execution. By doing so they try to create phobia inside the minds of the members and prevent them from accepting the assistance offered to them to contact their families and to start a new life after leaving the organization.

Nevertheless, the families are generally more hopeful than ever and they see a bright future when they can embrace their loved ones after so many years of separation and no news.

Sahar Family Foundation once again draws the attention of all Iraqi and international bodies and officials to the severe violation of human rights inside Camp Liberty and all the control measures practiced there. We urge the international community to be concerned about the situation and use every possible means to stop the MKO from violating the members’ most basic human rights.

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