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Beware of MEK terror group and their activities in your buildings

Open letter to the Chairperson and Members of the French Parliament


On Wednesday 5 December, 2012 the PMOI/MEK related websites reported that in her speech inOpen letter to the Chairperson and Members of the French Parliament one of the halls at the French Parliament building, Maryam Rajavi demanded that France and the EU support what she called “the Iranian Resistance” similar to what has been done with regards to Syria. “Rajavi emphasized that French Government which has played a decisive role in recognizing the Syrian resistance, must also take up the initiative for a new policy in EU” and “wants Paris and EU to recognize (what she called) “the Iranian resistance” for the regime change in Iran.”

We, the writers of this letter, are from Iran Pen Association in Europe that consists of defectors from the Iranian group PMOI/MEK. Our activities include Human Rights promotion and helping Iranian refugees. The majority of us have each spent more than twenty years inside the Rajavi’s cult in Iraq and each one of us has abundant experience and knowledge of the PMOI/MEK leadership (Masoud and Maryam Rajavi), its cult nature, terrorist activities and its rule of terror, deceit and humiliation inside the Organization. Despite the lobbying policy of the PMOI/MEK in the West and its efforts to spend enormous sums of money to buy western politicians’ support on one hand, and despite its policy of character assassination of whomever Iranian or non-Iranian that opposes this cult, on the other; we are ready to shed in-depth light for you into all the deceitful ways and functions of PMOI/MEK. We warn against any alliance with this anti democratic cult and bring your attention to the following key factors:

– Basically, PMOI/MEK and its cover named National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), have no legitimate stance and presence amongst Iranian opposition organizations and personalities. The leftist groups and parties, Nationalists, Monarchists, the national-religious groups, Unity of Republicans and secular forces acknowledge the PMOI/MEK as a totalitarian cult. It is also much noteworthy that Rajavi’s cult has no support in the Iranian society, a fact shown clearly during the widespread and huge demonstrations of the Iranian people that were staged against the controversial presidential election of Ahmadinejad’s first term. Rajavi’s treacherous role as Sadam Hussain’s fifth column during Iraq’s war against Iran is very much detested by Iranians and his recent efforts to buy support and gain aids from some Western politicians is widely seen as his new attempts to offer mercenary services.

– In a recent analytical book by the French Senator Ms. Nathalie Goulet, titled “ the PMOI: a cult in the heart of France” (L’OMPI: au Coeur de la Republique); she begins by warning the French senators and members of the French Parliament about this cult. While objecting at suspicious relations of some French figures with the PMOI, Senator Goulet questions these figures and French Government: “How is that an organization having all the characteristics of a cut in France, is recognized as a political organization or party?” and that “In the light of democratic values, is any group which claims that is against a dictatorship can be recognized as a democratic organization or party?” The Senator concludes: “With regards to the PMOI background it is hard to believe that an organization which still suffers from all the pains and illnesses of a totalitarian group has changed into a democratic organization. Illnesses such as personality cult, terrorist activities, hidden financial resources, utilizing lies, deceit, threats to discredit the characters of the citizens.”

– Iranian and non-Iranian writers and researchers have so far published numerous revealing books and articles about the dark and hideous aspects of Rajavi’s cult. The Human Rights Watch report and RAND’s analysis have described some shocking facts about the suppression of the members and cadres of PMOI in its various garrisons in Iraq.

– Rajavi’s “divine” personality cult and his totalitarian and absolute rule are extremely dangerous for any society in the 21st century. He uses any immoral and inhuman means in order to get to power. When the widespread demonstration of the “Green Movement” swept Iranian cities, in a message to his followers at Camp Ashraf, Rajavi said that if the Green Movement succeeded and the reformists were to come to power in Iran; then the PMOI armed forces would topple such a reformist government, using the “model” of Lenin’s armed uprising against the Kerensky Government in Russia and grasping the power. Furthermore, Rajavi’s continuous enmity against all the Iranian figures and parties (inside and outside Iran) that oppose the Islamic Republic regime is yet another undeniable sign of Rajavis’ totalitarian doctrine and attitude. Therefore; when Maryam Rajavi compares her totalitarian cult with the pluralist and widespread Syrian Coalition against Bashar Assad, she yet again utilizes gross deceit and lies to cover up her organization’s hideous nature.

– In order to realize just how corrupt the PMOI leadership is, you should know that for more than 40 years Masoud Rajavi has been the absolute and unquestionable leader of this cult and he states that he is only accountable to God. At the same time for nearly 20 years Maryam Rajavi has been named as the “president” of Iran by Rajavi’s cover up entity, the NCRI. Her almost 20 year “presidency” reminds one of long life dictatorial presidents in the Middle East such as Saddam Hussain of Iraq, Gadhafi of Libya, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Ben Ali of Tunisia, Hafez and Bashar Assad of Syria.

The truth and reality is that due to the religious-cult nature of the PMOI/MEK, any support given to it by French politicians will have far more disastrous implications than USA’s backing of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion of that country. Therefore, we believe that if the West in general and France in particular want to be on the side of the Iranian people and their desire for freedom and democracy, then the western politicians should really distance themselves from PMOI/MEK which is based upon a religious and totalitarian cult. We, as the direct victims of this cult; object to any warn against any support for PMOI.

Yours sincerely ,
Iran Pen Association, Germany

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