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Beware of MEK’s activities in Western media


The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) has indicated that it counts on the impact of propaganda and psychological war rather than practical activities. Its propaganda work started from the Mujahed journal, the Mujahed radio and later on their TV channel Sima-ye Azadi. Rajavi’s efforts were to show off his group’s so-called activities.

The MEK have constantly tried to showcase their large-scale, popular form of advertising through media and promotional activities, instead of succeeding in creating a successful social base among Iranian nation. Using such techniques, the MEK leaders deceive their members and their foreign sponsors about the social base of the group in Iran. They have to make them believe that the so-called supporters in Iran donate funds to the group.
Perhaps this is not the case for Saddam and Rajavi relationship but Saddam was one of the most deceived ones by the Cult of Rajavi. Although the Ba’ath Party’s intelligence service tried to make a precise assessment of the veracity of Rajavi’s claims, the fact was in the videos of the meetings of the Rajavi’s representatives with the Ba’athist security officers that were published after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Maryam Rajavi

The MEK: Masters of Propaganda

The assassination of the Iranian civilians in the streets and markets was actually sold to Saddam Hussein. The former Iraqi dictator also paid large amounts of money to the group for the assassination of Iranian officials and military figures. The group’s terrorist acts were actually used as a fuel for their propaganda machine.

However, during Saddam’s era for a group that was looting the Iraqi people’s oil, using media capabilities of the Ba’athist regime and international capabilities with Saddam’s help was nothing special. But after the collapse of Saddam, it was also discovered that the MEK used to use Iraqi media tools. One of the most prominent examples of this action were one-page or half-page advertisements of the MEK in Iraqi newspapers, calling Iraqi tribes for support. In one case, they had allegedly issued a statement to prevent the group’s expulsion from Iraq!

Rajavi and Saddam

Photo: President of the National Resistance Council of Iran Massoud Rajavi, left, meets with and the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Iraq in June 1986.

Meanwhile, the use of western and European media capacity was also considered by the MEK who was seeking to attract western politicians. The MEK-sponsored expensive reportage advertainments became possible by paying hefty amounts of money to politicians and journalists. All expenses were made to gain support of the terrorist Cult of Rajavi.

The MEK has more or less kept on the policy throughout the recent years. Today, the list of politicians and journalists who sell their dignity to a handful of dollars can has been revealed in the mainstream media several times, even the exact amount of money that they were pail has been made public. Eventually, the group has repeatedly has lost its connections in Western media over the past years, its communications have been blinded, and it has been forced to spend a lot of money on new connections.

Nevertheless, the sensitivities of Western audiences on the credibility of their media should be regarded as serious. The disclosure of such communications with MEK as a cult-like violent group, will make the Western audience react.

Studying the websites owned by the MEK simply reveals the clues of the communication of the Cult of Rajavi with certain Western media, and the repetition of the reportage ads for an event related to the group, indicates the links. The Western governments should prevent the publication of such contents because it is a case of material support for a terrorist group.

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