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Rajavi Silent On Palestine, Awaiting New Instruction


SSince taking over leadership of the MEK after the 1979 Revolution, Massoud Rajavi and his wife have been very fond of publicity. Mostly about them and only if it shows them in a positive way. Rajavi has always tried to control media coverage of the MEK and the Rajavi leadership brand. As time has passed and the MEK role has changed from terrorist/military to intelligence/propaganda-based activity, Rajavi has become famous for always having something to say about just about anything – from events in South America to the Far East. The Rajavi propaganda machine constantly churns out the messages of the MEK’s owners and backers, whether Saudi, Israeli or the US.

But recently, Rajavi has fallen silent. Not a word of comment can be found on the Saudi-Iran talks in Tehran. Not a word on the situation in Israel and the Occupied territories and neighbouring countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan). Rajavi has suddenly been confronted with the unthinkable: that his backers and paymasters are either making deals with Iran or losing the battle to suppress the country. There is even a possibility that the US and Iran could come to an agreement on the JCPOA as talks continue in Vienna.


Nothing demonstrates more clearly the mercenary nature of the MEK and its leadership than this situation. Rajavi is unable to take a specific line unless told by his masters. At present this line is confused and vague in relation to his masters’ relations with Iran.

No doubt once the situation is clarified one way or another, Rajavi will pump up his slave-driven propaganda machine to churn out the correct line. But for the present, Rajavi must wait and see what happens.

Oh for the days of Saddam, when all that was needed was to threaten to overthrow the entire Iranian regime.

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