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MEK, a hated entity in the view of Iranians

MEK and other anti-Revolutionary groups has launched attempts to wield their impact on the upcoming Presidential Elections in Iran, to be held in June 2013. Other groups inside Iran have shown their interest in elections, though.

According to this report, members of MEK, a terrorist group, entered Iran illegally and were doing sabotage and terrorists acts during the street uprisings in Iranian 2009 presidential elections. They launched an attempt to extend the riots.

Mujahedin-e-Khalq, also known as Monafeqin, have committed more than 19,157 murders of Iranian citizens since 1979. They also have killed 5 US militaries.

Iran Khabar Agency is one of the news agencies of the MEK terrorist group, which, during 2009 Iranian presidential elections, reported false stories about the elections with the objective of spoiling image of Iran in international scene.

This website has been active since recent few months and published reports about 2009 presidential elections provocative stuff about upcoming elections. In one such act, the terrorist group has contacted citizens in Tehran as polling institutes and made proactive questions as ‘ was 2009 presidential elections a fraud?’, or ‘ do you think that, if your favorite candidate is not elected, will you go to the streets and protest?’.

U.S. and Canada delisted the terrorist organization from their terrorist list despite their red pages of crime against more than 19,000 Iranians. This provides opportunity for MEK to act freely against Iranian government and people.

MEK is such a hated entity in the view of Iranians, that even Iranian opposition groups deny their relationship with MEK.

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