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More smoke and mirrors from the MEK propaganda factory

America’s national integrity held to ransom by MEK fear mongering

The MEK have been very keen to publicise a Library of Congress report called ‘Iran’s Ministry of America’s national integrity held to ransom by MEK fear mongeringIntelligence and Security: a Profile’.

On the surface this is understandable as the MEK is the sworn enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, a closer look at the content reveals a murkier truth.

The report is characterised by its mixture of allegation, assertion and allusion, much of which is not substantiated by evidence. The report blends fact and fiction in a manner intended to deceive and mislead. As such, this document is not an attack, it is a defensive act, it is a play on words intended to prevent informed discussion and stop important people being listened to. Indeed, the gratuitous mention of two specific individuals, Anne Singleton and Massoud Khodabandeh, who have consistently exposed the aspects of the Mojahedin Khalq which it most wants to hide – cult nature, human rights violations, mercenary relation to foreign agents – is the strongest possible indication of the provenance of this report.

The other indication is that the source of this specific misinformation is Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker. In a footnote the article “Disinformation Campaign in Overdrive: Iran’s VEVAK in High-Gear” is sourced at Global Politician, September 3, 2007, http://www.globalpolitician.com/23386-vevak-iran (accessed April 17, 2012). Interestingly, this website can no longer be accessed.

It is known that Zucker, along with his family visited Maryam Rajavi in Paris and was sufficiently impressed by her glamorous outfits, free dinners and weasel words to become an active advocate of the MEK in America.

However, Zucker’s article received a thorough retort back in 2007 from Professor Paul Sheldon Foote.

Reference to the same discredited article in this report can only be done out of ignorance, stupidity or desperation. Do Zucker and his ilk really believe that through defamation they can prevent the truth from emerging. Perhaps the MEK believe this will save their necks in Washington. Certainly Massoud Rajavi is deluded. He really believes that his cultic ‘thought-terminating clichés’ will work with everyone. In Zucker he has found a like minded person, willing to place hope over experience. But surely there are people in Washington who are not so willing to be so easily duped.

So, what is it that Rajavi and his supporters are so desperate to hide?

Part of the answer to this question lies in the recent article ‘Do not Disturb – Criminals at Work in Camp Liberty’ by one of the people named in the report. As time passes and the UNHRC processes the individuals in Camp Liberty for refugee status and relocation, the danger of further exposure of human rights abuses inside the MEK is becoming ever more critical for the cult. More and more exhausted and disillusioned MEK members are scheduled to come to Europe. When they are freed from Rajavi’s cultic constraints what else will they reveal about the cult and its criminal activities?

While the UN is timidly tiptoeing around outside the closed door of Camp Liberty afraid to intervene for fear of being labelled an ‘agent of the Iranian regime’ only three thousand individuals are affected.

But in America the implications behind this report signal a potent threat to the national interest. Behind the self-interested motivations of the MEK and its sponsors, there lies real danger for the American establishment. The problem for America is not the fact or fiction of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry’s reach into western countries. Instead, it is the reach of the internal enemies of America into its corridors of power which is truly disturbing.

Let us not forget that a similar document, mingling actual fact and unsubstantiated allegations masquerading as fact, became a central piece of evidence which was used in the legal argument to remove the MEK from the proscribed terrorism lists of both the UK and the European Union. Is this not a disturbing precedent?

Now, if Zucker and his ilk can insert this MEK written propaganda into an apparently official document for the Pentagon – an easy target of course as it is swarming with willing warmongers – will it be long before such documents reach into higher circles of power – that is, the people with America’s nuclear arsenal at their fingertips. The decision making clique in a national crisis cannot afford to be swayed by either ideologically biased or un-researched information.

When MEK misinformation so blatantly reaches the Pentagon, is it too far fetched to imagine it reaching The White House? Should a crisis arise, can Americans be confident that those at the top really have well researched and balanced information on which to base their decisions or could America be heading for a catastrophic miscalculation?

The loopholes to such a possibility can and should be closed. The MEK may look like friends now, but do not think they won’t turn around and bite you in the future.

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