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Singleton Talks to Frankfurter Rundschau

Anne Singleton, who had worked for 20 years with the terrorist organization of MKO, talked to Frankfurter Rundschau, revealing some facts from this terrorist group.

"Mojahedin spent the money we had collected with difficulties for buying houses, or gave that money to other people as loan.

Mojahedin does everything from human trafficking to money laundering.

My husband, who was for years the bodyguard of Rajavi, has talked to me of physical torture and rape in the MKO.

I was not recruited by this organization by chance, since such terrorist groups are fully aware of recruiting methods.

When I was a university student in Leeds, I was very passionate about human rights, justice and  at that time I met this group.

My friend at that time was Iranian who took me to the meetings of this organization.

I was neither a religious person, nor a Muslim. MKO recruited me by deception. I took part in the demonstrations of the group, distributing their handbills; I also helped them in getting financial aid for them.

I gave them my money, sold my car, and even gave up my job to be able to serve for the organization in its headquarters in London.

To make their members dependent, Mojahedin use different tricks such as isolation from society, diets, and sleep deprivation.

I slept less than 5 hours and I was always transferred from one point to another so that I could never understand the leadership’s intentions.

After ten years in the organization, I was sent to Iraq, in order to participate in a training camp. At that time, Saddam used this group against Iran. I passed all military courses there.

In response to a question whether she would have used violence under the name of organization, Singleton answered:

Today, I find it frightening, because I cannot say no to this question since they had treated me in a way that I was ready to do everything.

On what led her to decide to leave the MKO, she said:

"I was in a situation which forced me to think and this thinking made big changes in me so that I decided to leave this terrorist organization."

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