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Ann Singleton Interview with BBC

Good morning, its eleven o’clock, we will be live on BBC Asian network for an hour. Did you know a forty-year computer programmer has been involved with Ann Singleton interview with BBCa Kalashnikov and has a six year old son?

 Ann Singleton has a past unlike most people working for the Iranian Mujahedin in Iraq attempting for the overthrow the Iranian government. Today I’m talking to her about her experiences and the lessons that she learned. I will ask her about the feeling of working with a terrorist organization, fighting in the desert…

well, on the surface of their thinking, the Mujahedin present themselves as quiet pro-Western, pro-democratic, pro-feminist, they have presented a woman leader. They promoted women to the leadership roles but the organization which I joined was in fact their Western aspect. I mean the aspect they show to the world. But actually they have been always anti-imperialist and they basically want to set the Rajavis in power in Iran….

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