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MKO offers to help US stir Iraq situation

Anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) has offered the US help in sparking Syria-like unrest in Iraq, a report said.MKO offers to help US stir Iraq situation

The MKO has on many occasions asked the US administration to provide the group with financial support in a bid to make Iraq insecure, said a report carried by Fars News Agency on Sunday.

The report added that the proposals have been put forward to US officials through former and retired Washington officials who are now among the MKO advocates, including former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, former presidential candidate John McCain and former US attorney general Michael Mukasey.

The MKO has claimed that it can recruit extremist and terrorist groups in Iraq due to its three-decade-long stay in that country which has also provided them with some in-depth knowledge of the Arab country, and then organize bombing plots, suicide attacks and spark sectarian and ethnic conflict in a bid to make the Iraqi atmosphere tense similar to the present conditions in Syria.

Earlier, a prominent Iraqi strategy analyst said that targeting the political trend in Iraq is actually a part of the broader plot against the region which is known as the Greater Middle-East plan and aimed to pressure the countries which are in the resistance front against Israel and the US.

Ahmad Al-Sharifi told Fars News Agency in January that the recent rallies in different cities of Iraq are also a part of the plot to pressure the Iraqi government to give up its independent and progressive political performance.

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