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The MEK, Democrats or Terrorcrats?

Criticism in the MKO is unheard-of. While the group first founders started out with the rather good intentions, its The MEK, Democrats or Terrorcrats?current leaders Massoud and Maryam rajavi have definitely lost sight of the early presumable goals – the freedom of Iranian people, freedom of speech…. .In the face of any sort of criticism the MKO leaders and members – well manipulated – immediately respond with the same threadbare accusations that anyone who finds them inefficient, or criticizes their violent approach is labeled as a secret spy and a supporter of Islamic Republic rather than bothering themselves to respond to any criticism. This tactic is not only counterproductive but also increases the group’s lack of popularity.

Actually, people do not need to be supporter of the Islamic Republic in order to detest the MKO. They have enough reasons to hate a dangerous cult that was the long time accomplice of the invaders to its country and is now cooperating with the US and Israel to assassinate their nuclear scientists.

The MKO is technically a cult of personality, completely centered on worshiping and idolization of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi Rajavi which has critical consequences. Blinde obedience to an individual branding him as infallible and giving absolute authority to him is a very dangerous idea that first of all ruins the life of the followers.

Some characteristics of the Cult of Rajavi include forced divorce and marriage ,separation of parent from children, public shaming for your private thoughts such as your dreams and fantasies, mandatory covering; the sham “elections” in which Maryam Rajavi the wife of Massoud Rajavi is repeatedly elected as the lifelong president of the group. The elections in the MKO are always unchallenged because every cult member merely admits to the Rajavis’ superiority and his own inferiority. Members should all the time profess their endless support for their leaders and their own weakness before the leaders’ unlimited power.

The MKO fails to make its internal relations clear to public. This increases the hatred the Iranians feel against them. Any responsible logic person should have questions and concerns regarding the MKO’s function during the past 3 decades.

In a true democracy, people may like and support a party or a particular person but they do not consider the person or party as infallible and saint. They may reproach the elected ones for their words or actions.If they criticize the elected administration they are not necessarily considered an agent of the opposing party or a member of a dissident group. Responsible citizens do have the duty to question their politic men, their leaders.

About the Rajavis, supporters and members daren’t to voice any disagreements with the leaders’ policies and practices. Any time an individual including a journalist, a peace activist, a politic man and an ex-member criticizes the MKO, the group just responds in attempting to discredit the critic with baseless automatically produced accusations. This definitely inquires the group’s claimed goal of bringing democracy to Iran and ultimately pushes it to the margins of the history as a fringe cult-like group with no credibility.

Massoud Rajavi punishes critic and scandalizes anyone who disapproves of his actions and words. However, he is not concerned with the well being of his countrymen unless he would let the group’s practices be monitored and questioned from time to time. He is actively endeavoring for power and rigorously beating war drums to oust the Islamic republic ignoring the fact that Iranians hardly ever entrust him with power in Iran.

As a matter of fact, Iranians never risk their lives, dreams and future on a treasonous group that the majority of its words and acts are seen to be directly contradictory to those promised in Maryam Rajavi’s so-called Ten Point Plan for Future Iran.

By Mazda Parsi

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