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Human Shields to Protect MKO

MKO leaders adopt inhuman approaches to use members as human shields

Reportedly, Qayda Kambash, an Iraqi parliamentarian, in her latest comment has remarked that “the reason of delay in expulsion of MKO members from Iraq is due to the pressure put by MKO leaders on the members.” She has further added that “MKO leaders’ fear of devastation of their group has led them to use Ashraf and Liberty residents as human shields to protect their own lives. That is why the group has resorted to lies, deception and suppression of own members.”

Ms. Kambash is not the first to make a comment about the inhuman approach by MKO to use members as human shields. Through any taken opportunity in the past, there has been an attempt by ex-members and other experts to tell the world of the concerns about the members not living but enslaved by MKO against their own will. Of course, the world couldn’t but they could easily see how the terrorist cult was exploiting insiders as human shields to safeguard its own entity rather than being the least concerned about the members themselves. At least through the past two years and since the implementation of decision by the Iraqi government to relocate members from Camp Ashraf, the Rajavies proved to be determined to preserve the insiders as human shields to construct a secure bulwark against a national and global decisiveness.

The transfer of the control of Camp Ashraf to Iraqi forces since 2008 and the Iraqi government’s determination to make a decisive decision about the residents of Ashraf enraged the group’s leaders and soon MKO propaganda machine initiated an intensive campaign against the Iraqi government. MKO’s first reaction was arranging a series of suicidal operations. On July 29, 2009 there was a report of deadly clashes between hundreds of Iraqi police forces and the members of MKO residing in Camp Ashraf that left 11 members dead and scores injured from the both side. While the reasons for the clash was said to be unclear at first, few knew that it was a pre-organized self-destruction plan by a number of Rajavi’s devotees to provoke Iraqi forces to trigger the clash that was well videotaped and broadcasted by the organization itself.

While the Iraqi forces and their commanders were still under the shock of the suicidal and violent behavior of the camp residents, MKO felt easy to feed its propaganda machine for months. Of course, soon the Iraqi authorities, not at first acquainted with the group’s self-destructive tactics, became more cautious to adopt appropriate methods when dealing with MKO. Despite all these efforts, MKO has been focusing on an interlocking violent-political campaign to draw attention of the international community through fraudulent claims and misinformation, most of which are distributed and circulated by the group’s paid or naïve political advocates. By rising tension at the residential camps against the Iraqi plans that are aimed at rightful measures to have more control over the camp, MKO leaders also intend to show a martyred image of the residents to question the legitimacy and capability of the Iraqi government in holding the control of Camp Liberty.

Accommodated with all the means of comfort and luxury in their residences in European countries, leaders claim to be making their best to protect the members in Iraq. But none of them feels any responsibility to explain why the cost of defending MKO is to be paid just by the rank and files. As evidences show, many MKO high-rankings can leave Iraq and reside in another country if necessary. In other words, they are not at all worried about their own future and thus, there is no need to risk their life and line as human shields in protection of the group in Iraq. The best means at hand at the present are the residents at Camp Liberty to be victimized as human-shields to bulwark Rajavi’s cult structure. However, as the international community is misinformed of what is really happening within the camp, comments made by personalities like Ms. Kambash can be trusted as evidences that MKO leaders are determined to use members residing at Camp Liberty as hostages and human shields just for organizational purposes.

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