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Top commander of assassination team among Ashraf dead

According to Fars News, Tehran’s Friday Prayer speaker, Ayatollah Khatami, spoke on a range of issues, including Syria, Iraq and other international and national issues.

In his second sermon Ayatollah Khatami thanked the “brave children of the intifada” for the attack on the “hypocrites” [Mojahedin Khalq] in Camp Ashraf, in which seventy top Mojahedin commanders were killed, saying “it was no less important than the Mersad operation [aka Forough-e Javidan] in quality”.

Ayatollah Khatami said that the top commander of the Mojahedin Khalq team which assassinated martyr General Sayad Shirazi was among those killed in this operation. He described this as “God’s revenge using the hands of the proud people of Iraq. The uprising of the people of Iraq was crushed by Saddam and the Mojahedin Khalq during the Shaban intifada, and now the children of the victims have come to take revenge”.

Ayatollah Khatami went on to criticize America for using the excuse of chemical attack and attaching it to the Syrian government, and said they didn’t bat an eyelid over Saddam Hussein’s widespread use of chemical weapons, in fact they supported him in whatever way they could.

Translated by Iran Interlink

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