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A way to victimize members

September 1th Camp Ashraf clashes resulted in the killing of 52 Ashraf residents and the allegedly missing of 7 other.

After the tragic events at Camp Ashraf all the eyes turned to MKO leaders to see what they do to save the remaining members.  Everybody in concern of Liberty residents to whom the danger is now nearer and more tangible would expect the Cult leaders to try their utmost to accelerate the process of relocation.

However the Rajavi’s eyes were looking somewhere else, as he enjoys the smell of blood. He tried to benefit from the blood of the victims as much as possible.

After the incident the Organization’s propaganda system tried to distribute the films and photos related to the clashes to the international media demanding the protection of Liberty residents and the presence of blue helmet UN soldiers.

Maryam Rajavi also gave speeches in different occasions asking for help to safe their stay in Iraq rather than accelerating their relocation to third countries.

The leaders and high ranking members of the organization, all residing  in safe places  do not  care about the safety and well being of the rank and file members being trapped in a temporary residence in Iraq .

The reality is that the leaders of the organization attempts is to keep members in Iraq rather than transferring them to other countries as no country accept to house terrorists in group  and they have the bitter experience in Albania  .

The reports suggest the defection of about 70 out of 159 members of the organization who have been transferred to Albania.   

The leaders prefer to use or better to say misuse members’ lives in Iraq as much as they can, rather than letting them out of the organizational boundaries and indoctrinations where they can break with the cult and make free choices about their future.

After the death of 52 Camp Ashraf residents who stayed there under the pretext of protecting the organization’s property the leaders called it a victory for MKO. And this story will repeat again regardless of the lives it may cost, as it is now more than a month that Liberty residents have gone on hunger strike based on an organizational decree.

Using this strategy, Rajavi tries to convince the international world to help him stay in Iraq as a last resort to keep his cult and to prevent the rank and file from defecting.  

By: A. Sepinoud

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