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Letter to the Canadian Minister of immigration

The Honourable Mike Colle

Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

6th Floor, 400 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M7A 2R9

Dear Sir,

We have been informed that Mr. Shahram Golestaneh (Golestane, Golestaney) the unoficial representative of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation of Iran (aka. MEK, MKO, NCR, NCRI, PMOI, …) under the name of "Committee for Defence of Human Rights in Iran" (CDHRI) has been trying to get hold of Canadian Citizenship during the recent years. We believe that he has submitted an application form in 2000 and has not been granted this citizenship.

The Ottawa newspapers have reported that:

… In Golestaney’s case, the security clearance has proved to be the sticking point.

He took his case to the Federal Court of Canada, seeking an order that Citizenship and immigration decide on his application within 30 days. In his December decision, justice Paul Rouleau ruled against Golestaneh, noting there is no statutory deadline for deciding on a citizenship application…"

The paper notes that:

"In 1994 he was convicted over an attack … when a mob armed with sticks, mallets and a sledgehammer ransacked a building just a few blocks south of Parliament Hill, … Golestane was convicted of breaking and entering and of an attack on internationally protected premises. A woman suspected by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service of masterminding the attack was deported in 1993. CSIS identified her as the Canadian leader of the Mujahedin e Khalq of MEK…Canada designated the group a terrorist entity under federal law… Golestaneh denies being involved with the MEK."

As the ex _members of MKO and as an organisation which helps disaffected members and victims of this terrorist cult, we would like to inform you that Mr. Golestaneh although denying his relation with this organisation, has been one of the leading members of the cult in Canada for years and his statements and activities are frequently published in the organisations clandestine television program as well as related web sites including www.iranfocus.com in English and www.mojahedin.org in Farsi.

The documents and evidence of his activities in promotion of the heads of this cult-like terrorist organisation in Canada could be submitted in any court of justice if needed. These documents include Golestaneh’s involvement in organised meetings and demonstrations as well as frequent public support for the MKO and its leaders (Massoud Rajavi, a fugitive after the fall of Saddam and Maryam Rajavi currently under investigation in Paris on terrorism related charges) as recently as a few weeks ago.

Below you can see a recent picture of Mr. Golestaneh supporting terrorism under the flag of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation.

And the following is a picture of his interview with the clandestine satellite program of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation

As an organisation which supports many victims of this cult we would like to let you know that if needed we are able to provide the relevant authorities, further documents and evidence concerning the ongoing involvement of Mr. Golestaneh and other agents of this terrorist cult in Canada.


Batool Ahmadi,

Family network Association

Sweden, 17th March 2006

Contact: …

Family Network Association, March 17, 2006

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