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Letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Nouri Al Maliki,

In very recent news, we were informed that you have decided to expel the Iranian terrorist group Mojahedin-e- Khalq from your homeland, Iraq.

We are delighted by your brave, democratic decision, and hope to see the real action which would be to review the criminal file of those 3,000 brainwashed followers of Rajavi in Camp Ashraf and bring them to justice with a fair trial.

As you are well aware, for over twenty-five years the Mojahedin-e- Khalq had a tight relationship with the former dictatorship of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and they not only betrayed Iranians but also your nation of Iraqi as well. There is plentiful evidence to show and affirm that in 1991, the Mojahedin stood side by side with Saddam’s forces in suppression of the Kurdish population in the north and the Shiite population in the south of Iraq. There is also evidence of the Mojahedin receiving financial help from Saddam Hussein for their terrorist and betrayal activities. As you know well, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq during those periods of time, trained terrorists in Iraq and led them inside Iran for terrorist activities in which many innocent civilians were killed and some badly injured, and definitely our people in Iran will never forget such betrayal, and we are sure the betrayed Iraqi have the same feeling as we do.

Today, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Mojahedin-e Khalq as usual, have appeared in other form of betrayal to Iraqi and Iranian nations. Inside Iraq, they encourage the Iraqi citizens to expand the sectarian war, so they could benefit from the crisis, and in Western countries, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq encourage the Western governments to start a war in Iran.

So dear Prime Minister, at the time of Saddam Hussein’s rule, it was not possible for us, the Iranians, to claim any justice against the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, because of the dictatorship government in Iraq. But now, since democracy has been established in Iraq, we would like to sincerely ask you, please bring the leaders of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq to a justice for what they have done over the past 25 years against the two nations with a aid of Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party, and free those innocent followers who are trapped in Ashraf simply by being brainwashed by the cult methods of Rajavi.

We hope for peace, stability and democracy in Iraq and the whole Middle East region, and faster action on closing the Camp Ashraf, so that the two neighboring countries are able to continue building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


 Pars-Iran (dissociated Members of Mojahedin in Canada)

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