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France condemns anti-Iran MKO terrorists

The French Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) for its acts of violence.

On Friday, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal criticized the MKO for “its violent and non-democratic inspirations,” its “cult nature,” and its “intense campaign of influence and disinformation.”

Paris also warned about the growing lobbying and disinformation campaign being conducted by the MKO.

France hosted the MKO for many years until the European Union declared it a terrorist organization which eventually forced Paris to ban the group.

However, the EU removed the MKO from its list of terrorist organizations in 2009 after the group filed a petition against the blacklisting in 2008.

The MKO fled Iran in 1986 for Iraq, where it received the backing of Iraq’s executed dictator Saddam Hussein and set up a camp near the Iranian border. The terrorist group also sided with Saddam during Iraq’s eight-year imposed war on the Islamic Republic in 1980-1988.

Out of the nearly 17,000 Iranians killed in terrorist attacks since the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, 12,000 have fallen victim to the acts of terror carried out by the MKO.

In December 2011, the United Nations and Baghdad agreed to relocate some 3,000 MKO members from Camp New Iraq, formerly known as Camp Ashraf, to the former US-held Camp.

Download France condemns anti-Iran MKO terrorists
Download France condemns anti-Iran MKO terrorists

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