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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 68

++ Shapour Bastansiar (a musician) has published a copy of his resignation letter from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), on his Facebook status, which is dated about two weeks ago. The MEK (aka NCRI) have not only ignored it up to now but have been trying to coerce him into retracting it. As far as internal news is concerned, Iran-Interlink has the names of two more members of the NCRI who have resigned but will not publish their names unless they decide to go public themselves. Experts say that the MEK cannot accept the resignation of Bastansiar, and would normally swear at him and label him an agent of the regime. But in this case, they cannot do this because he has not yet said anything about his reasons for resigning. The MEK are therefore simply ignoring this issue for the time being. However, past evidence suggests that if he does not retract, they will soon have to start labelling him to reinforce internal morale.

++ Iraj Mesdaghi has published an in-depth review of MEK support for ISIL before they were told by their masters to change course in their outlets in the West. He reveals over ten cases of clear support through public announcements and publications – from Struan Stevenson to the MEK’s official websites and articles from members of the MEK and NCRI. [Editor: Suggesting that a long-term plan involving ISIL has been in place for some time, but that several outlets have been precipitate in their support and have had to retract to await further developments.]

++ Fars News Agency has ridiculed yet another revelation by the MEK about Iran’s nuclear programme because this time no one has taken any notice of it; to the point that even the usual suspects and paid writers have refused to cover it.

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers writes about the ‘adventures of the Mojahedin and the warmongers’. In the article Parsi draws conclusions from reviewing several sources concerning the MEK, its sponsors and their sponsorship of sectarian violence in the whole region. Parsi argues that

“The fraudulent policy of the West to run its empire in the Middle East is very clearly seen in a recent Henry Kissinger comment about ISIS which MKO propaganda website proudly republishes it. The former US Secretary of State who is famous for his warmonger policies, expressed in an interview with NPR that he considers ”Iran a bigger problem than ISIS”. He sounds to be making this audience ready for another war in the region—which is a dream for Maryam Rajavi.”

++ Tony Cartalucci in Global Research uses the precedent of the MEK to argue that Hong Kong’s current “Occupy Central” protests are US-sponsored. Using further examples, Cartalucci argues that the American backed protestors may soon attempt to provoke the authorities into a violent response, and warns against such manipulation.

++ Pepe Escobar published a thoughtful and very interesting piece in Asia Times about his recent visit to Iran as a roving correspondent. Among personal observations about his visit he talks about the New Horizon conference he attended which, he says, “could not but be about information war. The overall theme was the fight against the Zionist lobby. Everyone knows what the lobby means and how it operates, especially in the US. And yet, in my short interventions, at the Foreign Ministry and at the conference, I preferred to focus on its global financial/economic reach. Follow the money. That’s the only way to pierce the lobby’s seemingly invincible armory.”

His article continues: “Another face of information war. Everywhere I went, I had the pleasure to see how Gareth Porter’s book – Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iranian Nuclear Scare – was received as a blessing. The book was translated into Farsi by the Fars News Agency, in only two months, with meticulous care, and launched in a simple ceremony. It’s bound to become a best seller – as it conclusively proves, for instance, how the Iranian “plot” to equip missiles with nuclear warheads was entirely fabricated by the terrorist outfit Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and then handed over to the International Atomic Energy Agency by the Mossad. Contrast the respect shown to Gareth in Tehran to the wall of silence of its US reception – just another reflection of the 35-year-old “wilderness of mirrors” opposing Washington to Tehran.”

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers tells us that reports and documents published about the MKO camps, demonstrate that morality has been deleted from the group’s internal relations. Describing morals as the rules of society, he demonstrates – through examples like the forced divorces – how the MEK’s internal relations have not only abandoned normal morality but turned it on its head so that immorality has become the cult’s value.

++Iranian Pen Club (Iran Ghalam) has written an Open Letter to the judges in Maryam Rajavi’s French court case, Jean Duye and Marc Trevidic. The letter criticises the French judiciary saying “a great historic mistake has taken place by closing her file. This is because the Mujahidin have been transformed from a so called revolutionary-political organization to a dangerous Cult by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi in the recent years. But this new face is hidden so while they are out of reach in the west by the law, they can proceed with their ominous activities to reach their political and military goals. This is why giving them an open hand in Europe is a very dangerous decision, and we hope you will realize it.”

October 10, 2014

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