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1000 heroines out of 900 women in Camp Liberty !

The recent order by Maryam Rajavi the co-leader of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization to her assistant in Camp Liberty is definitely a new masquerade show to entertain the individuals inside the group, particularly female members.

According to the new order which was published in form of a letter to Zohreh Akhyani the first official of Camp Liberty, she is ordered form what Maryam Rajavi calls “Central Council” made of a “Thousand Heroine”. She gave her agent in liberty an eight-month deadline to form the so-called council.

According to many reports, the number of female members of the MKO is about nine hundred. Regarding that during the past decade a large number of the group members –of which some were women– managed to leave it and another large number died or were killed in clashes with Iraqi forces, the number of women in liberty could hardly ever be more than the reported digit, 900, even if the group’s fraudulent recruiters have been able to recruit new female members. However, the latter is very improbable.

 Let us imagine that there are really a thousand women in Liberty, another miscalculation would emerge. According to Maryam’s order, members of the Central Council should be elected by their “competency” and “majority of the votes”. What sort of elections does Maryam Rajavi think of? Electing a thousand heroine of a thousand women! So what about the competency of the elected ones? What does majority of votes mean in her doctrine?

Let us imagine that a fair election is launched and then a thousand female members get the title of “Members of Central Council”, so what? What is the function of this council? What is the difference of “Central Council” one with the “Leadership Council” which was formed by Massoud Rajavi and included only female members?

Based on testimonies of disaffected female members of the MKO’s Leadership Council, all women in the MKO pass the hierarchy and become a member of the Leadership Council someday.

 Mrs. Batoul Soltani was member of the so-called Council. She could release herself from the cult-like structure of the MKO after she witnessed corruption of the MKO authorities. As a member of the elite council she was made to sleep with the leader of the MKO cult of personality, Massoud Rajavi. According to Batoul, when she left the cult near a decade ago the number of members of the Leadership Council was six hundred! This number must have raised to a much higher level during the past decade.

Six hundred members in the Leadership Council of a group that the number of its entire members –male and female– hardly ever mount to 4 thousand people and every year several people escape its cult-like, suppressive and violent structure. And now Central Council again consisted of women whose roles and functions are not clarified in the entire letters of Maryam Rajavi and Zoreh Akhyani.

The new show of the Cult of Rajavi is absolutely used to manipulate individuals who are taken as hostages in the cult. It is also a new entertaining program to keep them busy-minded. Not only it does not get any attention in the outside world but also it looks disgusting.

Rajavi is not so creative to misuse the recent acid attacks in Iran. She seeks to find a way to show off her nonexistent feminist ideas!

The truth about the conditions of women in the MKO camps is abuse, abuse, abuse!

The Thousand Heroine of Liberty are banned from love, marriage, having children….Their everyday life is tightly controlled by the cult system. They are not free to choose their covering style, their eating style, their timing for sleep, work and etc. They have to report all their acts and thoughts to their superior official. Some of them have become barren after the leader ordered a mass Hysterectomy surgery. At last some were sexually abused by Massoud Rajavi after a mass marraige!

This is the story of a Thousand Heroines of the MKO.

Mazda Parsi

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