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Situation of women in Camp Liberty

Rules and restrictions for the female members of Camp Liberty has intensified, Zahra Moeini quoted a recently defected member.

Zahra Moeini ; MKO ex- member in an interview with Ashraf news talked about the situation of Women in Camp Liberty based on the testimonies of a recently defected member.

According to the defected member, residents of Camp Liberty cannot commute separately rather they should commute in groups of 4 or more.

The restrictions have demoralized the women residing in Camp Liberty .

Massoud Rajavi has ordered the officials of the Camp to intensify the limitations against women especially after the revelations by Batoul Soltani and other dispatched members who bravely exposed the internal affairs especially the sexual scandals of the cult leader such as ‘Salvation dancing’.

It is said that they may enclose the quarters of women in TTL by barbed wires and fences as it was the case in Camp Ashraf in order to control members more and to prevent more defections and escapes from the Cult.

Any contact between family members is forbidden and brainwashing sessions are held regularly.

The women are being scared from the outside world.

Excerpts from Zahra Moeni Interview with Ashraf News, Zanan-e Iran

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